5 Best Places with Alpacas for Sale in Florida

Looking to buy an alpaca in Florida? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of the animal and whether it would be a good fit for you.

Thankfully, Florida has quality alpaca-focused breeders with animals for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the 5 best places to get one for your farm, ranch, or homestead in the state.

5 Best Places with Alpacas for Sale in Florida

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
LunaSea Alpaca Farm

Clermont, FL 352-223-9459lunaseaalpacafarm.com
Sweet Blossom Alpacas
Dade City, FL 813-335-7387sweetblossomalpacas.com
Golden Spirit Alpaca Odessa, FL 813-382-5733goldenspiritalpaca.com
Meadow Pointe AlpacasGeneva, FL321-288-4073  meadowpointealpacas.com
Guardian Angel Alpacas 
Brooksville, FL 727-505-3389gaalpacas.com

1. LunaSea Alpaca Farm

Photo Credit: lunaseaalpacafarm.com

LunaSea Alpaca Farm is in the rolling hills of Clermont, Florida, in the backdrop of a quiet valley.

It is a family-owned and operated farm where all the members work together, including owners King and Lucy Lee Fowler, their daughter Brooke and son Jared. 

The farm breeds and raises Suri alpacas and focuses on producing the best fleece for making items that customers enjoy buying and using for years. 

There is a small store at the farm that sells some of the harvested products. The owners are passionate about spinning the fiber and coming up with new alpaca wool products.

The farm also offers interactive tours for visitors (appointment only) where they can feed and pet both alpacas and llamas. You can also check the nursery to see the cute alpacas babies.

If you are looking to buy alpacas for your business, there is a wide range of great quality Suri alpacas available here.

The farm is open to visits nearly every day. For Agritourism, the fee is $15 per person older than 12 years.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Suri Alpacas
  • Website: lunaseaalpacafarm.com
  • Contact: 352-223-9457/352-223-9459
  • Email: lunaseafarm@yahoo.com
  • Address: 18810 Lone Dove Lane, Clermont, FL 34715
  • Price: Check here


2. Sweet Blossom Alpaca Farm

Photo Credit: sweetblossomalpacas.com

Sweet Blossom Alpacas is a spacious 15-acre farm in Dade City, Florida. The owners of the farm are Debbie & Narvel Pettis.

The location of the farm is in the north of Orlando and Tampa, minutes away from I-75. When playing with the idea of owning a farm, Debbie & Narvel used to visit local Alpaca farms to learn about the business before taking the plunge. 

You will find both Suri and Huacaya alpacas at the farm. If you are interested in buying some alpaca products, the farm’s shop has items such as cushioned tab ankle socks, dryer balls, scarves, shawls/sweaters, hats/gloves, throws/blankets, and more.

If you are serious about raising Alpaca, Check here to read the farm’s FAQs document to get more insight into how to best raise them. The farm has a structured breeding program that is committed to continuously enhancing the genetics of its herd.  

Also, Debbie and Narvel are associated with Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, The Suri Network, Florida Alpaca Breeders Association, and Alpaca Registry. These affiliations empower them to spread awareness about raising alpacas and encouraging people to start a business.

To get more information about alpacas’ farming or schedule a visit, you can contact the farm by calling or sending an email.  

Farm details:


3. Golden Spirit Alpaca

Photo Credit: goldenspiritalpaca.com

Set up in 2006, Golden Spirit Alpaca has been breeding, raising alpacas, and making high-quality products ever since.

Located in Odessa, the farm maintains a healthy environment throughout the year for its 150 plus alpacas under the watchful eyes of owners Brenda and Frank Crum. 

The alpacas at the farm get 75 acres for grazing, and with a skilled team and facilities to safeguard and nurture alpaca, the farm produces award-winning Huacaya and Suri alpacas. 

According to the owners, the mission behind the ranch is to produce and preserve healthy alpacas with a continued focus on quality. 

The farm’s husbandry practices, supplies, feed, and other requirements are followed after consulting a veterinarian, feed specialists, agricultural management company, feed specialists, and other breeders.

The farm offers alpacas for sale, breeding, and boarding services, depending on customers’ requirements. Also, you can schedule a farm tour or even adopt an alpaca.

The owners are affiliated with Alpaca Association, Florida Alpaca Breeders Association (FABA), Suri Network, and Southeastern Alpaca Association.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Suri and Huacaya Alpacas 
  • Website: www.goldenspiritalpaca.com
  • Contact: 813-382-5733/727-809-2253
  • Email: info@goldenspiritalpaca.com
  • Address: 17902 Spencer Road Odessa, FL 33556
  • Price: Check prices here.


4. Meadow Pointe Alpacas 

Photo Credit: meadowpointealpacas.com

Meadow Pointe Alpacas is where you will find some excellent quality alpacas. The farm’s location is in Geneva, Florida, a quaint village with rich rural history. The farm is minutes from Orlando, St. Johns River, and the beaches.

The owner of the farm, Kathy Cramer, set up the farm in 2007 by purchasing three female alpacas and later branched into Colorado and West Virginia. 

Kathy decided to start the farm with female alpacas to feed and raise them and make the most of a bigger alpaca gene pool to produce excellent breeding stock and high-quality fleece. 

Currently, the farm has more than 37 alpacas containing some of the top bloodlines in this industry. Kathy is a member of the Florida Alpaca Breeders Association (FABA) and helps in spreading public awareness on alpacas and the usage of their fiber.

If you want to learn more about alpacas, seek alpaca fiber, or looking for a herdsire to help start your own business, Kathy will be glad to pass on some expert advice. 

You can also check out the store to buy some nice Christmas gifts for your family and friends. 

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya Alpacas
  • Website: meadowpointealpacas.com
  • Contact: 321-288-4073  
  • Email: https://www.meadowpointealpacas.com/contact
  • Address: 355 East Main Street, Geneva, FL 32732
  • Price: Check here.


5. Guardian Angel Alpacas  

The location of Guardian Angel Alpacas is in Hernando County, Florida where the farm’s alpacas and llamas graze in the lush green lands. 

The idea of setting this farm was coined in 2014 after the owners attended an Open House on alpacas.

Subsequently, after years of planning, preparation, and hard work, the Guardian Angel Alpacas was established in May 2017. The dream shaped up further with the purchase of the first alpaca, Anica.

Not only breeding alpacas, but the owners of this ranch are also letting people know about the benefits of raising alpacas and helping fellow ranchers start their own alpaca farming business. 

​The ranch is affiliated with Alpaca Owners Association (AOA), Florida Alpaca Breeders Association (FABA), Florida Alpaca and Llama Association (FALA), Southern States Llama Association (SSLA), and International Llama Registry (ILR).

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Mostly Peruvian Alpacas
  • Website: aalpacas.com
  • Contact: 727-505-3389
  • Email: guardianangelalpacas@gmail.com
  • Address: 26093 Olympia Road, Brooksville, Florida 34601
  • Price: Check the website.


Additional Information On Buying An Alpaca In Florida

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