5 Best Places with Alpacas for Sale in Illinois

Looking to buy an alpaca in Illinois? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of the animal and whether it would be a good fit for you.

Thankfully, Illinois has quality alpaca-focused breeders with animals for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the 5 best places to get one for your farm, ranch, or homestead in the state.

Best Places with Alpacas for Sale in Illinois

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Houchin Family AlpacasHeyworth, IL 309-275-0853houchinfamilyalpacas.com
Rivendell Alpacas Elgin, IL 630-715-7895alpacasatrivendell.com
Tiskilwa Farms Alpacas, LLC Tiskilwa, IL815-646-1300illinoisalpacas.com
Little Creek Alpacas 
Plymouth, IL309-236-7957 littlecreekalpacas.com
Deitricks’ Alpaca RanchProphetstown, IL309-373-5281deitricksalpacaranch.com

1. Houchin Family Alpacas

Photo Credit: houchinfamilyalpacas.com

Houchin Family Alpacas is a six-acre farm located in Heyworth, Illinois. As the name suggests, it is a family-owned and operated farm that began its journey with Karley and Brian Houchin. All of their children are also actively involved in raising alpacas and caring for the alpacas.

Karley and Brian purchased the farm in 2009 and started the business with 12 alpacas, and their number has grown significantly over the years. 

Since the farm was set up, the family has worked hard to genetically improve their herd. During that process, they have sold all of their original alpacas and gradually acquired the new foundation herd with an elite bloodline. 

The farm rigorously follows health procedures to maintain herd health, including testing fecal samples for parasites, performing blood tests when required, giving monthly shots, etc. 

You will also get full customer support from the farm as well as the chance to check out their farm store that offers quality alpaca products, such as socks, sweaters, plushies, and fleeces.

Karley and Brian are affiliated with the Illinois Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (IAOBA). 

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya Alpacas
  • Website: houchinfamilyalpacas.com
  • Contact: 309-275-0853
  • Email: https://www.houchinfamilyalpacas.com/contact
  • Address: 16708 East 400 North Rd., Heyworth, IL 61745
  • Price: Check “Alpacas for Sale” for the price.

2. Rivendell Alpacas

Photo Credit: alpacasatrivendell.com 

Rivendell Alpacas is a family-owned farm located in Elgin, Illinois.

Couple Jill and Gordon Muirhead have been developing the alpaca herd at the farm and trading these animals with other alpaca owners for years. After genetically improving their herd through a breeding program, the farm now offers high-quality alpacas for sale.  

The farm has a “Starter Kit” for customers who are interested in buying alpacas. The kit includes a book on how to care for and feed alpacas, a bale of hay, neonatal supplies, a halter/ lead, leather gloves, and more.

The shearing of alpacas happens once a year, Jill makes things like slippers, felted hats, and mittens from alpaca fleece. She also weaves scarves from alpaca yarn.

Jill also organizes half-day workshops where you can learn to make alpaca products and the craft of felting.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Peruvian and Bolivian Suri Alpacas
  • Website: alpacasatrivendell.com
  • Contact: (630)715-7895
  • Email: NA
  • Address: 9N942 Dittman Road, Elgin, IL 60124
  • Price: Check the “Starter Kit” section on the farm’s website for the price. 

3. Tiskilwa Farms Alpacas, LLC

Tiskilwa Farms Alpacas is one of the largest alpaca farms in the Midwest. Located 5 miles south of Interstate 80 in River Valley, Illinois, the farm is named after the nearby village of Tiskilwa. 

The owners got the idea of starting their alpaca business after a New York Times article caught their attention.

Since the farm was set up, the owners have bred and raised high-quality Peruvian and Chilean Huacaya and Suri alpacas from some of the best farms in the US. They’ve also developed their herd sires, called “Chiefs of Tiskilwa” and since grown their herd to more than 200 alpacas.

If you wish to start your alpaca business or are looking to genetically improve your stock, you can make an appointment and discuss your breeding requirements with Tiskilwa Farms.

You can pick quality and colorful alpacas and there are some great packages for beginners.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya and Suri Alpacas
  • Website: illinoisalpacas.com
  • Contact: 815-646-1300
  • Email: bob@illinoisalpacas.com
  • Address: 11809 1100 North Avenue, Tiskilwa, IL 61368
  • Price: Check here for the price.

4. Little Creek Alpacas

Photo Credit: littlecreekalpacas.com 

Little Creek Alpacas is a small family farm in Plymouth, Illinois, around 26 miles southwest of Macomb. The owner of the farm, Lindsey Moore, raises Suri and Huacaya alpacas, breeding mainly light fawn, white, grey, black, and Appaloosa colors.

Currently, the farm sells breeding stock, fiber, and a wide range of products made from alpaca fleece.

Customers who purchase alpacas from the farm can board their animal free for 90 days and then pay $70 per month per alpaca for an extended period.

The farm often lists crias for sale and but only releases them once they’ve reached a minimum of 10-12 months old. If you buy any crias from Little Creek, you can keep them for free up to the age of 12 months.

All the alpaca products at the farm are handmade in the US by its alpaca fiber co-op.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Suri and Huacaya Alpacas
  • Website: littlecreekalpacas.com
  • Contact: 309-236-7957 
  • Email: zeesbox@hotmail.com
  • Address: 2105 N. 50th Rd., Plymouth, IL 62367
  • Price: Check here for the price.

5. Deitricks’ Alpaca Ranch

Deitricks’ Alpaca Ranch is located seven miles southwest of Prophetstown, Illinois, on a 50-acre farm.

The owners of the farm are a retired couple, Dwight and Wanda Deitrick, who have been breeding and raising alpacas for nearly 12 years. 

Starting with a foundation herd of seven, Deitrick’s Alpacas has grown to 71.

If you’re in the area and looking for advice and tips on starting an alpaca farming business, the Deitick’s can help. They welcome open visits from people looking to experience the “alpaca lifestyle,” and are happy to discuss issues like profitability. 

You can also check out their ranch store to see hand-knited cardigan, felted sheets, and rugs. All produced from alpaca yarn.

Farm details:

  • Alpacas for Sale: Huacaya Alpacas
  • Website: deitricksalpacaranch.com
  • Contact: 309-373-5281
  • Email: tlivesay1221@gmail.com
  • Address: 11200 Lomax Road, Prophetstown, IL 61277
  • Price: Check here for the price.

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