Small-Scale Farmers are the Ensuring Key to Food Security

Due to the world’s growing population, it becomes harder and harder to satisfy global food demand, especially in remote and rural areas of developing countries. More effort and new breakthroughs are necessary to increase agricultural productivity, improve the functioning of the global food value chain, reduce waste, and prevent hunger. More importantly, all these goals … Read more

Southdown Sheep Pros and Cons

southdown sheep pros and cons

The Southdown sheep is a rare sheep breed known for its sweet meat. Developed in Sussex, England, in the late 1700 and early 1800s, the flock of John Ellman was one of the first to move into Pennsylvania from 1824 to 1829. Many consider importers Jonas Webb and John Ellman to be this breed’s standardizer. … Read more

Best Places with Goats for Sale in Alabama

Goats for Sale Alabama

The state of Alabama has earned a reputation for farming goats and there are several goat ranches and homesteads in the state that specialize in breeding livestock, meat products, and other kinds of goat-related produce. This article will help you locate some of the best places in the state that sell goats, breaking down each … Read more

Dorset Sheep Pros and Cons

Dorset Sheep Pros and Cons

The Dorset sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds, renowned for its hardiness and breeding ability. While it is kept primarily for meat, the Dorset produces a respectable amount of milk and makes decent-quality fleece.  The Dorset sheep is believed to be a result of crossing two native southwestern England sheep breeds. There are … Read more

Types of Vegetables Without Seeds 

Types of Vegetables Without Seeds

Looking to grow seedless vegetables? There are a lot of different types of vegetables that don’t contain or require seeds to plant them.  Seedless vegetables will require a slightly different growing technique. However, this isn’t difficult, and they are perfect for those looking to focus on sustainable growing. Ready to discover the types of vegetables … Read more

Types of Cows with Horns (With Pictures!)

Types of Cows with Horns

Many breeds of cattle have horns, giving them a striking, and sometimes intimidating look. Many farmers prefer to keep horned cattle for a variety of different reasons.  If you are considering adding horned cattle to your homestead, it’s worth doing your research to see which breeds are considered the best. To help give you an … Read more

Pros and Cons of Brahman Cattle 

Brahman Cattle pros and cons

Originating from India, Brahman cattle have become one of the best-loved breeds in the US. Over the years, the breed’s beef characteristics and temperament have been improved through careful breeding.  These cattle are known for their excellent beef production, though they are also used to create unique crossbreeds. There is a lot to consider before … Read more

Disadvantages of Hereford Cattle 

Hereford Cattle disadvantages

Introduced in the 19th century, Hereford cattle have gone on to become one of the most popular meat breeds raised in the US. Originating from Hereford, England, this docile breed produces great meat, and they have excellent mothering abilities. However, despite their popularity, Hereford cattle aren’t without their disadvantages. If you are considering adding Hereford … Read more

5 Best American Breeds of Cattle (With Pictures!)

American Breeds of Cattle

Looking to add a herd of cattle to your farm or homestead? With so many diverse and beautiful breeds to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your search. While some of the most popular cattle in the US are imported breeds, don’t discount the breeds born and bred in America. Some breeds … Read more

5 Best British Breeds of Cattle (With Pictures!)

British Breeds of Cattle

The United Kingdom is known for producing some of the best breeds of cattle in the world. Farms and homesteads across America commonly feature herds with British origins.  Whether you are looking to raise them for beef or milk, you will find a lot of fantastic British breeds to invest in. To help you choose … Read more