3 Best Places With Donkeys for Sale In Arizona (2021)

Looking to buy a donkey in Arizona? Heading out to see a donkey in person is possibly the best way to find out if they’re the animal for you.

Thankfully there are several places you can do that in the state.

I’ve looked into some of the best places here. Read on to find out more about each of these farms/ranches, the types of donkeys they offer, and more!

Best Places With Donkeys For Sale In Louisiana

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Pamarosa Pond Miniature DonkeysChino Valley, AZ928-636-6768pamarosapond.com
Mirror P Miniature DonkeysWittmann, AZ602-290-2553paintedpromiseranch.com
Forever Home Donkey RescueBenson, AZ520-212-5300foreverhomedonkey.com

1. Pamarosa Pond Miniature Donkeys

Owned by Pam and Ron Boulford, Pamarosa Pond Miniature Donkeys operates out of Chino Valley, Arizona, 16 miles north of Prescott, and 85 miles from Flagstaff.

The farm is dedicated to rearing miniatures from top quality jennets and jacks and runs a strict quality control process, gelding any jack foals they feel don’t meet their standards. They raise their donkeys off quality grass, hay and grain, as well as ensuring vaccinations, worming and care for a reputable farrier comes to all their animals.

Their sales page on their website lists all their previous sales as well as any new ones…


Their primary herdsire is a 31″ miniature jack called Sparky from the My World line. His grandfather is Valentino 75 AKA Red Baron and his great-grandfather is Valentino 49 AKA Winchester.

Farm Information

2. Mirror P Miniature Donkeys

Mirror P (Painted Promise Ranch) are an ADMS registered miniature Mediterranean donkey breeder based out of Wittman, AZ. They started their herd from a small stock of 3 jocks bought from Macford Ranch in Texas.

Over the next years they grew their herd and now specialize in raising, weaning and selling a few new donkeys every year. Their main herdsire is a brow 31″ miniature carrying a red gene but there’s also a gray/white spotted 27.5″ herdsire jack.

You can find out more about their foals and any new donkeys they have for sale via their website.


Farm Information

3. Forever Home Donkey Rescue

Forever Home Donkey Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-profit that rehomes and takes care of donkeys in safe, healthy and loving environment.

They are also a public facing donkey rescue center who welcome guests and offer morning tours on Tuesday thru to Sunday (appointment open).

As a non-profit they primarily rely on donations and sponsorship of their donkeys via the general public but may also be worth contacting if you’re interested in purchase or connecting with local donkey breeders in the state

You can see some of the standard sized donkeys they home directly on their website.


Farm Information

Additional Information On Buying A Donkey In Arizona

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  • Breeding donkeys in Arizona and looking to make a sale? Contact us here.

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