4 Best Places With Donkeys for Sale In Louisiana (2021)

Looking to buy a donkey in Louisiana? Heading out to see a donkey in person is possibly the best way to find out if they’re the animal for you.

Thankfully there are several places you can do that in the state.

I’ve looked into some of the best places here. Read on to find out more about each of these farms/ranches, the types of donkeys they offer, and more!

Best Places With Donkeys For Sale In Louisiana

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Whispering Pines Mini DonkeysDeville, LA318-466-5262 whisperingpinesminidonkeys.com
Mini HoofsKeatchie, LA 318-933-1847dpayne@hughes.net
Corley’s Miniature AcresTrout, LA318-992-8101corleysminiatureacres.com
Ouachita Parish Animal ShelterWest Monroe, LA318-323-4032facebook.com/ouachitaparish.animalshelter

1. Whispering Pines Mini Donkeys

Situated in Deville, Louisiana, Whispering Mines has several mini donkeys available for purchase throughout the year.

Breeders since 2008, the farm prides itself on keeping all its animals in good physical condition (whether sold for pets or breeding stock) and with complete health and breeding histories.

Whispering Pines raises its miniature donkeys within the herd and refrain from weaning them earlier than 4-6 months. They also offer a registration certificate in line with the NMDA’s Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Breeding Standards guidelines and offer a guarantee with each of their sales.

Their sales page details all the jacks and jennets they have for sale, ranging from $900 to $1500.


All of their donkeys are sold with halters and leads.

Farm Information

2. Mini Hoofs

Located just south of Shreveport, Mini Hoofs is another Louisiana-based miniature donkey breeder that also keeps standard donkeys and has the occasional animal for sale.

With over a decade worth of experience raising miniatures, Mini Hoofs donkeys are well cared for and of top quality breeding stock.

You’ll see they specialize in breeding non-spotted and spotted donkeys that are anything up to 35″ tall…


Farm Information

3. Corley’s Miniature Acres

Located in central Louisiana, Corley’s Miniature Acres functions primarily as an educational and petting center, offering adults and children the chance to pet, feed, and groom a variety of mini animals (including donkeys).

The farm itself is home to a large herd of spotted and non-spotted miniature donkeys, with several of its jennets giving birth to new foals throughout the year.

As well as its commercial endeavors, Corley’s also regularly lists many of its animals for sale via its website (enquiring in person might lead to further opportunities).

Check out the image below for a quick glimpse at the type of miniature donkeys they raise and provide a home to…


Reach out via the contact information below and learn more about potential buying opportunities.

Farm Information

4. Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter

Ran by Alisa Lear, a retired social worker, and her husband Bernie, Ouachita Parish is home to several donkeys and other rescues that may sometimes be looking to rehouse and sell their animals.

Having constructed facilities to specifically house their ever-growing herd of donkeys, the Monroe-based shelter is worth contacting on the off chance they’re expecting new foals.

Here’s a photo of Alisa and her donkeys…

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Their Facebook page is very active so be sure to check that out!

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Additional Information On Buying A Donkey In Louisiana

  • Check out local Facebook groups. Louisiana Mules and Donkeys is a very active community that often offers donkeys for sale in the state.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a donkey for sale with any of these farms or ranches? Perhaps expand your search. Check in: Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi.
  • Having difficulty finding a standard or mammoth sized doctor? Check out this article: Where To Find Standard Donkeys For Sale (U.S. Guide)
  • Breeding donkeys in Louisiana and looking to make a sale? Contact us here.

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