6 Best Places With Goats for Sale In California

Looking to buy goats in California? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of the animal and whether it would be a good fit for you.

Thankfully, California has quality goat breeders with animals for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the 6 best places to get one for your farm, ranch, or homestead in the state.

6 Best Places With Goats for Sale In California

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/ Email
Red Roaster RanchSanta Clarita, CA661– 299-7736redroosternigerians.com
Happy Trail Goat FarmCalimesa, CA909-446-8115happytrailsgoatfarm.com
Bell Hill FarmCentral Coast, CA831-801-5907bellhillfarm.com
Redwood Hill FarmSebastopol, CA707-591-3389redwoodhillfarm.org
Quail Meadow FarmSanta Cruz County, CA831-818-3547quailmeadowfarm.com
Prancing Pony FarmLemoore, CA559-904-5193prancingponyfarm.com

1. Red Rooster Ranch

Red Rooster Ranch, located in Santa Clarita, specialized in breeding and raising Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

The farm strives to raise animals that are in good condition and well-behaved. They also provide certified quality milk goats, both youngsters, and adults. 

Only current clients are permitted to make appointments to visit. Also, the farmstead does not provide farm tours or educational sessions.

Farm details:

2. Happy Trail Goat Farm

Happy Trail Goat Farm, owned by Liz Hannibal, is situated in Calimesa, California.

They specialize in raising and rearing Nigerian Dwarfs, which make fantastic pets.

Unlike many other goat breeders, Happy Trail offers lifetime assistance. 

All their goats are immunized, disbudded, and treated for any sign of disease.

Their confined flock is screened for prevalent goat ailments such as Johnes disease, CL, and CAE. They also aid in the registration and transfer of goats’ ownership rights.

The farm is also open to visits (by appointment). Check out their website for further info.

Farm details:

  • Website: happytrailsgoatfarm.com
  • Contact: 909-446-8115
  • Email: happytrails92320@msn.com
  • Address: 1054 Douglas St, Calimesa, CA 92320
  • Price: Check here for prices.

3. Bell Hill Farm

Bell Hill farm began more than two decades ago when Janet Locey purchased goats to clear her property of poison oak. Since then, it’s grown into a small goat dairy farm.

Located in the Central Coast region of California, the farm is about 10 miles from the nearest town, Hollister.

The farmhouse breeds American Alpine goats, all registered under the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA), trimming and disbudding the hooves of all goats in their care.

To safeguard their animals’ health and well-being, the herd receives CD&T and Bosee vaccinations annually, as well as worming whenever necessary.

Every year, the farm puts some goats up for sale to manage the herd size.

They also state that reservations are possible.

Farm details:

  • Website: bellhillfarm.com
  • Contact: (831) 801-5907
  • Email: janetlocey@gmail.com
  • Address: 10900 Cienega Road Hollister, CA 95023
  • Price: $450 – $750

4. Red Hill Farm

Redwood Hill Farm is located in the town of Sebastopol, Sonoma County, 60 miles north of San Francisco.

After moving to rural Sebastopol from the urban area of southern California, owner Jennifer co-founded the Redwood Hill Farm with her late husband Stephen.

Red Hill Farm focuses on producing dairy goats and high-quality artisanal food items. They stock Alpine, LaMancha, Saanen, and Nubian breeds.

During the fall farm tour season, the farm is open to public visits.

Red Hill also sells semen from a group of bucks and houses a small AI storage facility.

Farm details: 

  • Website: redwoodhillfarm.org
  • Contact: 707-591-3389 / 808-321-0713
  • Email: scott@redwoodhillfarm.org
  • Address: 5440 Thomas Road Sebastopol, CA 95472
  • Price: Check the prices here.

5. Quail Meadow Farm

Quail Meadow Farms is owned by Jeff and Stacey Stump. Starting out of their passion for high-quality animals, land management, and a rural lifestyle, they are focused on raising Nigerian Dwarf goats for public sale and purchase.

The farm is located in Santa Cruz County, California.

Quail Meadows goats are registered with ADGA as a commitment to their breeding quality and milk production. Recently they also introduced a Curbstone Valley buck to their herd to enhance their genetics.

The farm uses a first-come, first-served policy for the sale of all goats. Buyers will also have to make a non-refundable $100 payment to reserve a specific goat.

Farm details:

  • Website: quailmeadowfarm.com
  • Contact: 831-818-3547 
  • Email: quailmeadowfarm.sherri@gmail.com
  • Address: 3597 Freedom, CA  95019
  • Price: Send an email to inquire about goat availability and cost.

6. Prancing Pony Farm

Prancing Pony Farm was established in 2016 by Kim Crawner and her husband.

The farm is located in Lemoore, California. They specialize in breeding Mini Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.

Prancing Pony aims to produce small to medium-sized family milk goats with excellent, creamy milk, fed on a diet of rich vitamins and minerals.

Every year, the farm performs CAE, CL, and Johnes disease testing on all their animals to assure their safety and well-being.

Interested buyers must complete a questionnaire prior to purchase (available via the website).

Farm Details:

  • Website: prancingponyfarm.com
  • Contact: (559) 904-5193
  • Email: ​kim@prancingponyfarm.com
  • Address: Kim Crawmer Prancing Pony Farm Lemoore, CA 93245
  • Price: Check here for pricing. 

Additional Information On Buying Goats In California

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