5 Best Places with Goats for Sale in Florida

Looking to buy a goat in Florida? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of an animal and whether it would be a good addition to your farm or homestead.

Thankfully, the state has several reputable breeders with goats for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the 5 best places to get one.

5 Best Places with Goats for Sale in Florida

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Golden Acres Ranch Monticello, FL850-508-2607goldenacresranchflorida.com
Goldilocks Farm

Dade City, FL954-605-0747goldilocksfarm.net
Sunny Gale Farms Inc.Greenville, FL850-776-9751sunnygalefarms.com
Painted Feather Goats
Dade City, FL813-786-7455paintedfeathergoats.net
Kelley KikosBrooksville, FL813-503-4628kelleykikos.com

1. Golden Acres Ranch

Golden Acres Ranch is a small family-operated ranch in Monticello, Jefferson County, Florida. The ranch occupies 43-acres of expansive and cultivated pine forest.

The owners of the ranch are Bobby and Fred Golden. They started living in Monticello in 2001 with a plan to spend their retired life peacefully with their two dogs and a cat. 

Bobby and Fred’s first initiative towards farming was by purchasing nine Tennessee Fainting Goats. After setting up the ranch, they purchased other livestock and began expanding it.

In the following years, Bobby completed certifications in goat and sheep production from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and Langston University, Oklahoma. 

At the ranch, the owners raise goats, sheep, and other animals. They also harvest berries and Blueberries to make jam.

The ranch also organizes various events for education, recreation, selling food products, art, and various natural products from adjoining farms and craftspeople. 

Golden Acres Ranch regularly works with the Statewide Sustainable Farms Program of FAMU to provide research data regarding sustainable farming, small farms, and ranches.

The farm is also associated with Florida Farm Bureau, International Fainting Goat Association (IFGA), and Local Harvest.

When it comes to livestock, Tennessee Fainting Goats are available for sale to interested buyers for breeding, for pets, or weed control. This breed of goat and their cousins, the Mini Myotonic are perfect outdoor pets.

Keep checking the farm’s website or sign up for its newsletter to stay updated about the upcoming events. 

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Tennessee Fainting Goats and Mini Myotonic Goats
  • Website: goldenacresranchflorida.com
  • Contact: 850-508-2607
  • Email: goldenacresranchflorida.com/contact-us/
  • Address: 704 Barnes Road, Monticello, Florida 32344
  • Price: Check the “Livestock for Sale” section of the farm’s website for pricing details.

2. Goldilocks Farm

Photo Credit: goldilocksfarm.net

Located in Dade City, Pasco County, Florida, Goldilocks Farm is a family-owned and operated farm. 

The mission of this farm is to produce top-quality livestock, including goats. 

The farm mainly raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, which are smaller in size and perfect in temperament. These goats are easy to manage since they weigh between 50 and 70 lbs, and are around 23 inches (or above) in height.

Although Florida has hot summers, Nigerian Dwarf goats can adapt to this weather since they hail from the African deserts. 

The farm also breeds Mini LaManchas goats, famed for their docile temperament. These are primarily dairy goats and their milk has a high level of butterfat.

If you wish to buy a goat from any of these breeds, keep in touch with the farm at the contact information below.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Mini LaManchas Goats
  • Website: goldilocksfarm.net
  • Contact: 954-605-0747
  • Email: Ashley@GLAFarms.com
  • Address: 20930 Hunter Hill Dr. Dade City, FL 33523
  • Price: Contact the farm for pricing details.

3. Sunny Gale Farms Inc.

Photo Credit: Facebook

Sunny Gale Farms is located in Greenville, Madison County, Florida. The farm specializes in breeding high-quality Kiko goats, 100 percent New Zealand pure breeds.

Sunny Gale also raises Wether goats, some of which work with people for therapy and as comfort companions.

While breeding, the farm mainly focuses on traits. Good maternal instincts, calm temperament, and the ability to resist diseases are their primary breeding focus.

Over the years, the owners have learned about the intricate aspects of raising healthy goats, and they don’t mind passing on their knowledge to others.

Many first-time buyers look to buy goats to start a farm, and they can get excellent guidance from the Sunny Gale Farms. 

The 2022 breeding season is already underway. You can keep in touch with the farm for buying a quality goat or two. 

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Kiko goats, 100% New Zealand goats
  • Website: sunnygalefarms.com
  • Contact: +1 850-776-9751
  • Email: https://www.sunnygalefarms.com/contact
  • Address: 881 SW 1 Federal Rd, Greenville FL 32331
  • Price: Contact the farm for pricing details.

4. Painted Feather Goats

Located in Dade City, Pasco County, Painted Feather Goat farm is a few miles east of Northern Tampa and South Ocala. The owner of the farm is Sami Ray.

The farm mainly breeds Nigerian Dwarf goats and miniature dairy goats, and also some Mini-Manchas.  

There has been a high focus on the breed quality to make sure they perform well as excellent show goats, for dairy purposes, and as pets.

The farm’s website has useful information for potential goat buyers, including feeding instructions, registering a goat, deworming dosage, and more.

Photo Credit: paintedfeathergoats.net

All the Nigerian Dwarfs and LaMancha does at the farm are ADGA registered. Also, the mini goats are registered with the Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and The Miniature Goat Registry (TMGR).   

Besides, MDGA and TMGR, the farm is affiliated with ADGA Plus, Nigerian Dwarf Goat Club of Florida, Florida Dairy Goat Association (FDGA), and American Goat Society (AGS).

If you are looking to buy a show goat or for breeding, you can get both registered and unregistered ones here at a reasonable price.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Nigerian Dwarf Goats, LaMancha goats, and miniature goats
  • Website: paintedfeathergoats.net
  • Contact: 813-786-7455
  • Email: samiray@earthlink.net
  • Address: 36304 Tomkow Lane, Dade City, FL  33523
  • Price: Check the “Kids for Sale” section on the farm’s website.

5. Kelley Kikos

Photo Credit: kelleykikos.com

Kelley Kikos is a small family-owned farm located in the east of Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida. The owners are Alan, Christy, and Chloe Kelley. 

The farm specializes in breeding high-quality purebred, percentage, and 100 percent registered and commercial New Zealand Kiko breeding goats.

After doing plenty of research on different goat breeds, the owners found that the New Zealand Kiko breed would be ideal for raising.

The Kiko goats are famous for their maternal instincts, long breeding years, strong parasite resistance, fast offspring growth rate, minimal health problems, and significant weight gains. 

The farm’s main goal is to genetically improve its Kiko goats to offer customers the best quality stock for show events and breeding. 

If you want to buy a show goat, start a herd, or genetically improve an existing herd, Kiko goats are ideal as they need minimum maintenance

You can get more details about the Kiko goats by contacting the owners or visiting the farm with a prior appointment.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Kiko Goats, Miniature Herefords or Kune Kune Pigs
  • Website: kelleykikos.com
  • Contact: 813-503-4628
  • Email: kelleykikos@gmail.com
  • Address: 5142 Lockhart Road, Brooksville, FL 34602
  • Price: Check the “For Sale” section of the farm’s website for pricing details.

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