4 Best Places with Goats for Sale in Illinois

The state of Illinois has earned a reputation for farming goats and there are several goat ranches and homesteads in the state that specialize in breeding livestock, meat products, and other kinds of goat-related produce.

This article will help you locate some of the best places in the state that sell goats, breaking down each by type/breed of goat sold, price, and any other special considerations.

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Best Places with Goats for Sale Illinois

Farm NameLocationContact numberEmail address
Antiquity OaksPO Box 181, Cornell, IL 61319(815) 341-1223nigeriandwarfdairygoats.com
Cade’s Lil Farm16835 Old Frankfort Road, Johnston City, IL 62951(618) 889-6496cadeslilfarm.com
Rush Creek Farms1979 County Road 1100N Sidney, IL 61877(217) 688-2043rushcreekfarms.com 
Hillside Stock Farm5611 W. 8000 S. Rd. Chenbanse, IL 60922(815) 697-3334hillside@hillsideboergoats.com  

1. Antiquity Oaks

Antiquity Oaks, established in 2002, is a specialized breeder of Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Located in Cornell, Illinois, this goat farm is under the management of Deborah Niemann, author of “Raising Goats Naturally: A Complete Guide to Meat, Milk, and More.”

Antiquity Oaks prioritizes goat health, and the management keeps a closed herd to ensure no external or unwanted breed can contaminate the flock. Their last doe purchased was in 2005.

Following more than a year of no outside contact, the herd was tested for CAE, CL, and Johnes in 2009. The outcomes were all negative.

Visit Antiquity Oaks and you can receive free classes about proper goat care after purchase. Interested parties can also enroll in these classes by paying a fee.

According to Deborah, despite its small size, a healthy Nigerian Dwarf doe can produce a surprising amount of sweet milk – up to two daily quarts.

Farm details:

  • Goat breed: Nigerian dwarf
  • Website: nigeriandwarfdairygoats.com
  • Contact: (515) 393-8967
  • Address: PO Box 181, Cornell, IL 61319
  • Pricing: Use this link for the farm’s “Terms of Sale”; prices range from USD350 to USD600.

2. Cade’s Lil Farm

Cade’s Lil Farm has an interesting backstory. Located in the heart of eastern Illinois, Johnson City, Cade Cockburn, its founder, started the farm at age eight in 2011, together with his family.

According to Cade, he was “deathly sick” in 2011, and the doctors thought he wouldn’t make it. Cade desired to have a few goats to pet, but at the time his parents couldn’t afford any. His father said that if Cade could make it through, he would buy him his desired pets.

The next day, Cade became well and asked his father to fulfill his promise. From there, everything else is history.

Today, Cade’s Lil Farms is a capable breeding champion of Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Cade’s breeding program has received national recognition for the farm’s high-quality, correct, and productive animals. The team behind it has bred numerous award-winning animals with scores of 90 or higher. 

Cade’s Lil’ Farm did exceptionally well at the ADGA National Show last year, taking third place in a dairy herd and winning the award for national best udder!

Farm details:

  • Goat breeds: Nigerian dwarf
  • Website: cadeslilfarm.com   
  • Contact: (217) 688-2043
  • Address: 16835 Old Frankfort Road, Johnston City, IL 62951
  • Pricing: The site is updated for pricing. Be sure to visit this link.

3. Rush Creek Farms

Rush Creek Farms is a 15-acre goat farm that began operations in 2005. Its owners, Andrew and Jennifer Miller, are certified FAMACHA trainers.

Rush Creek Farms is located just outside Champaign-Urbana on the fertile prairie soils of east-central Illinois. The Millers are dedicated to a hybrid breeding program for Kiko, Savannah, and Boer goats

Their goal is to produce an animal desired by commercial goat breeders and slaughter-goat buyers by combining the mothering ability of the Kiko with the frame of the Savannah and Boer.

This farm observes strict criteria that help owners cultivate high-quality, fast-growing, and low-maintenance crossbred Kiko goats.

They adhere to the following rules:

  • Breeding parents must quickly bond with their children. Nursing should begin within 30 minutes of birth
  • Does must be dewormed no more than once a year and have good hoof quality
  • Does are expected to produce at least twins yearly (yearling does are allowed a single that first year)
  • Does must have at least an 80 percent Doe Efficiency Rating

Farm details:

  • Goat breeds: Crossbred Kiko goats
  • Website: rushcreekfarms.com
  • Contact: (563) 260-5727
  • Address: 1979 County Road 1100N Sidney, IL 61877
  • Pricing: Contact for details

4. Hillside Stock Farm

Run by the Meyers family: Rodney, Madelyn, Marshall, Maya, and Macy, Hillside Stock Farm has deep roots in the surrounding Chesbanse community.

First established back in 1899, and rearing goats since 2005, Hillside is equipped with excellent facilities and is a guaranteed top-of-the-line producer of Boer goats.

Home to a 40-50 head of various colored Boers, including wether bred bucks and does, they are best known locally for their black, black paints and spotted Boers.

Boer goats are highly valued for their size, quick weight gain, carcass quality, hardiness, and docility.

Rodney, who heads the farm’s operations, is committed to producing the best genetics and works with breeders selectively to ensure standards.

The farm is a continued exhibitor at meat and dairy goat shows across the country and enjoys a solid reputation as one of the best goat producers in Illinois state.

Farm details:

  • Goat breeds: Boer goats
  • Website: hillsideboergoats.com
  • Contact: (815) 697-3334
  • Address: 5611 W. 8000 S. Rd. Chenbanse, IL 60922
  • Pricing: Contact owners directly

Additional Information on the Best Places With Goats for Sale in Illinois

If you are having trouble finding a goat on any of the mentioned farms, perhaps expanding your search may help. Check goat farms in the following States; Indiana, Kentucky, and Iowa.

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