4 Best Places with Goats for Sale in Indiana

Looking to buy a goat in Indiana? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of an animal and whether it would be a good addition to your farm or homestead.

Thankfully, the state has several reputable breeders with goats for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the best places to get one.

4 Best Places with Goats for Sale in Indiana

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Blue Heron Farm  Chandler, IN812-202-9192blueheronfarmindiana.com
Miller Boer GoatsThorntown, IN765-894-0505millerboergoat.com
Goat Milk Stuff FarmN Scottsburg, IN812-752-0622gmsfarm.com
Redden Brothers Livestock100N Norman, IN812-583-3875reddenbro.com
Still Waters Farm
Cartersburg, INN/Aindianagoats.com

1. Blue Heron Farm

Photo Credit: blueheronfarmindiana.com

Blue Heron Farm is a popular destination for goat lovers and farmers, located in Chandler town in Warrick County, around six miles east of Evansville, Indiana. The owners are Curtis and Jill Ingram.

The farm breeds both registered and unregistered Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Alpine goats.

You can find a wide range of handcrafted fresh goat milk products on-site, including lotion, soap, whipped sugar scrubs, hand soap, and more. Additionally, the farm also offers a “Baby goat experience” and “Goat Yoga.”  

According to the owners, the goat breeds at the farm have high butterfat content that helps make those rich and creamy soaps and lotions.

The farm nurses the goats for the first two weeks, and then they get bottle-fed until weaning.

The owners suggest that while buying goats, it is better to buy in pairs because goats are herd animals and need companions.

You can contact the farm at the below phone number or email to make an appointment.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats & Mini Alpine Dairy Goats
  • Website: blueheronfarmindiana.com
  • Contact: 812-202-9192
  • Email: blueheronridingacademy@gmail.com
  • Address: 733 Inderrieden Road, Chandler, IN 47610
  • Price: Check the “Goats for Sale” section of the farm’s website for pricing details.

2. Miller Boer Goats

Miller Boer Goats is owned and operated by the Miller family comprising Davis & Caroline Kedrick, Melissa, Parker, and Logan. 

The farm is located in Thorntown, Indiana, just a few miles northwest of Indianapolis.

The Miller family has been raising goats for several years and is thrilled to see the potential growth of this industry. 

The main focus of the farm is to have a strong foothold in the market and continue to produce high-quality Wether goats that can compete with the best in the US. 

Besides raising and selling Wether goats, the farm has also started breeding colored/spotted goats to diversify its herd. 

The goats raised at this farm have won many show events across the country. Some of them include: 

  • Grand Wether, Boone County Fair 
  • Grand Champion Market Goat, Bedford County Fair
  • Grand and Reserve Wethers, Eddy County Fair
  • Grand and Reserve Wether, Doña Ana County Fair
  • Champion Division 3, Houston Stock Show 

You can check the farm’s website for upcoming dates for goat sales. For more details about market goat or breeding stock, keep in touch with the farm at the given contact information below. 

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Boer Goats
  • Website: millerboergoat.com
  • Contact: 765-894-0505
  • Email: kedrickmiller@att.net
  • Address: 2698 North 900 West, Thorntown, IN 46071
  • Price: Check the “For Sale” section of the farm’s website for pricing details.

3. Goat Milk Stuff Farm

Photo Credit: gmsfarm.com

Goat Milk Stuff Farm occupies a 36-acre land located in the north of Scottsburg, Indiana. The owners of the farm are the Jonas family 

The farm has been breeding and raising goats since 2005 and the owners found this a common passion.

Currently, the farm breeds Alpine and registered Nigerian Dwarf goats, and tries to raise them in a natural environment.  

Every year, nearly 200 Alpine baby goats are born at the farm, and it puts up many baby goats for sale from February through April. The owners also help all the baby goats birth to increase their chance of survival.

Conversely, Nigerian Dwarf goats have babies from March through October/November every year. 

All the goats born at the farm are raised on goat milk and the farm uses the extra milk to produce goat milk soaps, lotions, lip balms, and more. You check the Farm Store to check these items.  

The Jonas family also keeps educating people about raising goats. They even run a “Raising Dairy Goats” course for goat enthusiasts. 

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Alpine Goats
  • Website: gmsfarm.com
  • Contact: +1 812-752-0622
  • Email: soap@goatmilkstuff.com
  • Address: 76 S Lake Road, N Scottsburg, IN 47170
  • Price: Check the “Pricing” section of the farm’s website for pricing details.

4. Redden Brothers Livestock

Redden Brothers Livestock is another family-owned and operated farm. It is located in Norman, Jackson County, Indiana. 

The Redden family has been in the agriculture industry for more than 75 years. Tom and Jackie Redden are currently taking care of the farm’s operations.

The farm has been breeding Hereford goats for over 50 years and competing at many national cattle shows and events. 

It all started when during the mid-1940s, Jack Board (Tom’s grandfather) purchased the first bunch of registered Herefords. Since then, all the generations of the Redden family have raised and shown Hereford goats. 

Today, the family owns 20 mature Does following strict rules that they normally apply for their cattle business. 

For goat and cattle operations, the farm’s goal is to breed livestock of the best quality. It takes time and requires hard work, persistence, and commitment. 

Also, the underlying reason for the farm’s success has been its advanced and efficient animal husbandry. This is why the farm keeps achieving its goals every year. 

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Herefordshire & Boer Goats
  • Website: reddenbro.com
  • Contact:  812-583-3875 (Tom Redden)/812-278-4697 (Jackie Redden)
  • Email: reddenbro@aol.com
  • Address: 12396 W. Co. Road, 100N Norman, IN 47264
  • Price: Check the farm’s website or Facebook page for pricing details.

5. Still Waters Farm LLC

Photo Credit: indianagoats.com

The last farm on the list is Still Waters Farm, located in Cartersburg, Hendricks County, Indiana. The owners are Kevin and Angelia Mercer.

Kevin and Angelia began their journey in goat farming in 2007 after buying their first pair of goats. Since then, it has been a unique experience for them to learn the nuances of breeding and raising high-quality goats. 

Over the years, the herd has grown. Currently, there are two breeds of goats, Nigerian Dwarfs and registered Mini Nubian bucks. 

The farm is also looking to introduce Cashmere and the rare breed Arapawa goats into the herd. The breeding season at the farm is August through December.

The farm also sells various products made from goat milk, such as soap, beeswax salves, honey, and candles.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini Nubian Bucks
  • Website: indianagoats.com
  • Contact: N/A
  • Email: swgoats@yahoo.com
  • Address: Cartersburg, IN 46168
  • Price: Check the “Goats for Sale” page of the farm’s website for pricing details.

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