5 Best Places With Goats for Sale In Pennsylvania

Looking to buy goats in Pennsylvania? Heading out to see livestock in person is the best way to get an idea of their condition, temperament, and fit for your farm.

Luckily Pennsylvania has a ton of high-quality reputable goat breeders to check out, visit and buy animals from.

Lets check out the best places with goats for sale in the state!

5 Best Places With Goats for Sale In Pennsylvania

Farm Name      Location Phone  Website/Email 
Sweitzer Hollow Goats Seven Valleys, PA     717-801-7442 sweitzerhollowgoats.com
Losch’s Ridge View Farm  Port Royal, PA  717-994-4482 getgoats.com
Spring Hollow Farm      Huntingdon, PA   814-251-2028 springhollowfarm.com
Land of Grace Farm Elizabethtown, PA  717-689-0010 landofgracefarm.com
Mountain Pride Farm Quakertown, PA 215-804-1075 mountainpridefarm.com

1. Sweitzer Hollow Goats

Source: sweitzerhollowgoats.com

Mark Sweitzer established this 55-acre farm in 2007 with the help of his family, including his mother Darlene and daughter Emma Ruth.

The farm first started with Boer-Kiko cross goats. By 2010, the farm transitioned its herd over to registered Kiko stock. Its Kiko breed is registered by the National Kiko Registry.

The Kiko goat is a meat breed originally from New Zealand with more parasite resistance and good maternal instincts.

In addition to the Kiko breed, the farm added the Savanna breed about four years ago. 

Sweitzer farm’s feed is from purchased soybean meal and shelled corn. Hay and free-choice minerals make up the rest of their goat’s diet.

Sweitzer farm keeps a record of all offspring. Kids are weighed at birth and at 90 days at the time of weaning. 

At an extra charge, customers can have their animals delivered to their preferred destination.

The farm is located 10 miles south of York in the hills of Seven Valleys, PA, off Interstate 83.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Kiko, Savanna
  • Website: sweitzerhollowgoats.com 
  • Contact: 717-801-7442
  • Email: sweitzerhollowgoats@gmail.com
  • Address: 1485 W. Springfield Rd, Seven Valleys, PA 17360

2. Losch’s Ridge View Farm

Losch’s Ridge View farm was founded in 1998 by Stuart and his wife. The farm began with “Bill” & “Bob”, two brown and white spotted Nubian wethers.

Over the years, Losch’s Ridge View has invested heavily in the Boer and Brood breeds and currently have over 30 mature Brood Does. 1/3 of the herd at the farm is Fullblood Boers. 

There is a strong focus on production and color, with choices ranging from traditional, black, red, spotted, or dappled.

The farm retains approximately 20 doelings every year to act as replacements. They also take requests for upcoming kids.

Visit the farm in person to see their ABGA sanctioned show ring and breeding programs.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Boer
  • Website: getgoats.com 
  • Contact: 717-994-4482
  • Email: Sherrie@getgoats.com 
  • Address: 1508 Baney Road, Mifflintown, PA 17059

3. Spring Hollow Farm

Source: nigeriandwarfgoatsatspringhollowfarm.com

Spring Hollow Farm is situated in Hartslog valley in Huntingdon County. This historic old farm has a big farmhouse with a large pasture where goats can run, play and eat good grass.

The farm has registered Nigerian dwarfs that are CAE negative and fully registered with ADGA. The herd is also kept up to date with deworming, hoof trimming, and shots. 

Spring Hollow is open to public visits and sells its goats for show, pets, dairy, breeding stock, and educational projects. Note that it does not sell its goats for meat.

The farm is about 6 miles from the scenic Raystown lake and 7 miles from the town of Huntingdon.

Farm details:

4. Land of Grace Farm

Source: landofgracefarm.com

Land of grace farm started in 2007 and manages a herd of over 100 Boer goats.

Its current brood includes does, replacements, kids, and bucks.

The farm continuously builds a better Boer through advanced genetics and artificial insemination.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Boer
  • Website: landofgracefarm.com
  • Contact: 717-689-0010
  • Email: info (at) landofgracefarm.com 
  • Address: 130 Oberholtzer Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022

5. Mountain Pride Farm

Source: mountainpridefarm.com 

Mountain Pride Farm is located in upper Bucks County in Pennsylvania. It specializes in producing Pygmy and Angora goats.

Its primary focus is to produce structurally correct animals that kid easily, and are long-lived. All the pygmy goats on the farm are NPGA registered.

The farm practices good management in a loving atmosphere and offers happy, healthy goats at reasonable prices.

Mountain Pride Farm is happy to answer any questions, provide information, or offer advice upon request for past and future customers.

You can drop them a line via the contact info below.

Farm details:

  • Goats for Sale: Angora, Pygmy
  • Website: mountainpridefarm.com 
  • Contact: (215) 804-1075
  • Email: info@mountainpridefarm.com 
  • Address: 869 Woodbine Lane, Quakertown, Pennsylvania 1895 

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