5 Best Places with Pigs for Sale in Minnesota

Looking to buy a pig in Minnesota? Driving out to see breeders, ranches, or farms in person is the best way to get an idea of the condition of an animal and whether it would be a good addition to your farm or homestead.

Thankfully, the state has several reputable breeders with pigs for sale that you can contact and visit beforehand.

Read on for more info on the 5 best places to get one.

Best Places with Pigs for Sale in Minnesota

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Cowboy Hereford Hog Farm was 
Worthington, MN507-360-7969cowboyherefordfarms.homestead.com
Diamond V GeneticsAdams, MN 507-380-2068diamondvshowpigs.com
R&K Show PigsWorthington, MN 507-227-3777rkshowpigs.com
Schwecke GeneticsGibbon, MN 507-380-1369schweckegenetics.com
Bargfrede Show Pigs Alpha, MN507-841-2218bargfredeshowpigs.com

1. Cowboy Hereford Farms

Cowboy Hereford Hog Farm was originally established in 2014 in Minnesota and later relocated to Montana. 

The farm is, however, still doing business traveling back and forth between states. So, they can provide quality show pigs anywhere between the two locations, including helping to make shipping arrangements.   

The farm was started with the initiative of a 9-year old boy Tyeson Gravenhof and his family. The idea of starting a farm came to Tyeson’s mind after watching the movie “Grand Champion.”

Tyeson did the necessary research, gained knowledge, and used his savings to get his family interested to try the breeding business. 

In the first step, Tyeson bought the first few sows from Orlan Schulte, who has detailed knowledge about the Hereford Hog, being from the Schulte Family that started the Heritage breed. 

After setting up the farm, Tyeson started with everyday tasks at the farm (with some help from his dad), including nutrition, and mating selection.

Now, Cowboy Hereford Farms is a successful business venture that strives to produce excellent quality show pigs.  

Throughout the breeding process, the farm members use artificial insemination to produce top-quality pigs with premium bloodlines.

If you are interested in starting a farming business or enhancing your herd’s genetics, you can buy exceptional quality pigs, boars, hogs, and gilts from the farm, starting from sow bred to all-star. 

Farm details:

2. Diamond V Genetics

Photo Credit: diamondvshowpigs.com

Diamond V Genetics is a family-owned and operated show pig farm. The farm is located on the border of Minnesota and Iowa and is run by Julie and Brent Vorpagel.

Brent is originally from Wisconsin and has a passion for show pigs, having begun breeding pigs for the first time in 1993. 

Now, Brent manages the Feed Department and also works as the Swine Nutritionist at a local coop. Julie hails from the southeast of the state and is passionate about showing hogs and beef cattle.

Both Brent and Julie have been successfully breeding premium quality show pigs that have won many events and can compete on all levels, fitting all types of budgets.

The farm sells show quality pigs through private treaty and online sales mainly during spring and fall months and it uses only the top-end barrow sires available in the US. 

The owners work to achieve top-quality genetics by spending endless hours, efforts, and money to produce winners. 

At Diamond V, the owners are not looking for just a one-time sale, but wish to develop a long-term working relationship with their customers. 

You can contact the farm with questions about anything, starting from selecting the right show pig, genetics, health, feed, husbandry, showmanship, or anything else. The farm promises to provide excellent customer service.

Farm details:

  • Pigs for Sale: Show Pigs
  • Website: diamondvshowpigs.com
  • Contact: 507-380 2068
  • Email: brent@diamondvshowpigs.com/julie@diamondvshowpigs.com
  • Address: 66222 150th Street, Adams, MN 55909
  • Price: Check the “Pig Sales” section of the farm website.

3. R&K Show Pigs

Photo Credit: rkshowpigs.com

R&K Show Pigs is the initiative of Paul Rentschler and Todd Kramer. The show-sale barn is located in Worthington, Minnesota. 

The partnership between Paul and Todd started in 2011. Even before teaming up, they both had remarkable success in showing pigs at various events and won championships at the local, state, and national levels.

R&K strives aims to breed only the highest quality females in its herd, focusing on genetics, appearance, and power.

Currently, Paul & Todd have around 30 sows, mostly crossbred, and each of those can produce winners.

They both work closely to raise high-quality pigs studs in the country to produce litters that will win show events at any level.

Farm details:

  • Pigs for Sale: Show Pigs
  • Website: rkshowpigs.com
  • Contact: 507-227-3777 (Paul)/507-227-6697 (Todd)
  • Email: pdrentfam@gmail.com/odd@schmitzgraininc.com
  • Show-Sale Barn Address: 18788 US HWY 59, Worthington, MN 56187
  • Price: Check the “For Sale” section of the website.

4. Schwecke Genetics

Schwecke Genetics is another leading farm that raises and sells high-quality show pigs in Minnesota. The farm is located in St. Gibbon, Sibley County. 

The owners Zachary and Randy Schwecke have bred and prepared sires and sows with top genetics, which have won some of the most prestigious show events in the US.

The consistent success of Zachary and Randy in breeding winner show pigs has attracted more people to buy pigs for farming or show events. 

Recently, after a great summer and fall season with pigs, Schwecke Genetics participated in the Vegas Showcase in Fort Worth, Texas in December 2021, and achieved selection for the “Pick of the Crop” category as a top breeder.

For more details, you can contact Zachary and Randy at the contact information below.

Farm details:

  • Pigs for Sale: Show Pigs
  • Website: schweckegenetics.com
  • Contact: 507-380-1369/320-583-9581
  • Email: schweckegenetics@gmail.com/randyschwecke@gmail.com
  • Address: 66298 230th St, Gibbon, MN 55335
  • Price: Check the farm website

5. Bargfrede Show Pigs  

Photo Credit: bargfredeshowpigs.com

Bargfrede Show Pigs is another family-owned and operated business that aims to offer quality show pigs with the help of modern genetics, for breeding and exhibiting at show events. 

The father-son duo Kent and Trevor Bargfrede run the farm, and they are contributing to the industry by providing differentiated show hogs, along with selling high-quality pigs to hundreds of happy customers. 

Trevor is the youngest of three siblings in the Bargfrede family. Trevor and his two sisters began showing livestock from a young age, and they eventually became well-known for breeding Hampshire pigs. 

Things got better when both of Trevor’s sisters won the Minnesota State Fair Barrow Show with purebred Hampshire pigs. Those successes worked as morale boosters to take the business further.

The farm is committed to raising healthy and competitive show pigs with top genetics. Although the farm is a small-scale operation, the owners ensure each pig gets great care.

Farm details:

  • Website: bargfredeshowpigs.com
  • Contact: (507)-841-2218 (Trevon)/(507)-841-2128 (Kent)
  • Email: bargfrede23@gmail.com/kbargfrede@fuldaareacreditunion.com
  • Address: 59366 720TH St. Alpha, MN, 56111
  • Price: Check the “Online Auction” section of the farm website.

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