Southdown Sheep Pros and Cons

southdown sheep pros and cons

The Southdown sheep is a rare sheep breed known for its sweet meat. Developed in Sussex, England, in the late 1700 and early 1800s, the flock of John Ellman was one of the first to move into Pennsylvania from 1824 to 1829. Many consider importers Jonas Webb and John Ellman to be this breed’s standardizer. … Read more

Dorset Sheep Pros and Cons

Dorset Sheep Pros and Cons

The Dorset sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds, renowned for its hardiness and breeding ability. While it is kept primarily for meat, the Dorset produces a respectable amount of milk and makes decent-quality fleece.  The Dorset sheep is believed to be a result of crossing two native southwestern England sheep breeds. There are … Read more

4 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Missouri

Sheep for Sale Missouri

Missouri is one of the top producers of sheep in the United States. The state is quite large (home to 6.9 million acres of pastureland and 4 million acres of woodland and farmland), and there are many farmers dedicated to producing healthy and well-fed sheep. If you are looking for the best places with sheep … Read more

3 Best Solar Farms in Texas [2022]


Texas is one of the leading states of solar power, with hundreds of solar installers and dozens of solar farms. The state is gradually becoming a regional leader in solar energy generation because of the high cost of electricity and the vast benefits of solar technology. Texas is projected to be home to over 33 … Read more

3 Best Solar Farms in Georgia [2022]


Like other states, Georgia is embracing more renewable energy sources. Many companies are now working to reduce fossil fuel consumption and minimize their carbon footprint. Today, there are many large solar farms generating solar energy to provide commercial electricity in the state. If you are looking for the best solar farms in Georgia, we have … Read more