3 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Alabama

Looking to buy sheep in Alabama? There are tons of farms, ranches, and breeders offering a wide range of sheep for sale throughout the state. 

To save time and ensure you are choosing the best sheep for your farm or homestead, it pays to research the best local breeders. 

Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Alabama

Crosscreek Farm of Alabama Leesburgh, AL256-706-9084 (Karen), 256-706-9083 (Jim)crosscreekfarm.weebly.com
Dayspring DairyGallant, Alabama205 677-5800dayspringdairy.com
Manor Farms Opelika, Alabama706-587-8114 or 717-421-9492Manor-farms.com

1. Crosscreek Farm of Alabama 

Crosscreek Farm of Alabama is a Hobby farm, run by retired couple Karen and Jim, in northeast Alabama. They specialize in breeding and selling registered St. Croix sheep and are members of the St Croix Hair Sheep Breeders Inc. 

According to the couple, St Croix sheep do well in a minimal pasture, don’t need to be sheared, and seldom require worming. This makes them one of the easiest wool sheep to raise on a farm or homestead. 

Lambs are available to buy at least once a year, though demand is high, so you are advised to call to make a reservation. 

Besides sheep, the couple also breeds Anatolian Shepherds. If you are looking for a small farm that takes care of the animals they raise and pays attention to the temperament of the animals, Crosscreek Farm of Alabama is a great option. You can contact them through the information below.


  • Website: crosscreekfarm.weebly.com
  • Contact: 256-706-9084 (Karen), 256-706-9083 (Jim)
  • Email: bznurse@tds.net
  • Address: Crosscreek Farm, 828 County Road 50, Leesburg, AL 35983

2. Dayspring Dairy 

Nestled within the north-east of Alabama, Dayspring Dairy is a family-run farm that specializes in producing and selling cheese. However, they also offer a fantastic range of sheep for sale each year. 

The family owns a flock of 100 sheep, primarily used for their milk. They were the first licensed sheep dairy, as well as the first producer of sheep milk cheese in Alabama. The sheep are well looked after, given plenty of space to roam, and they feed on lush native pasture. They are never given hormones and the farm doesn’t use commercial fertilizer or pesticides on its land. 

All lambs sold are dairy breed crosses including Lacaune, Gulf Coast Native, and East Fresian. Each year, they host a sheep shearing day, giving you the chance to go and visit the sheep and see how the farm operates. 

You can contact Dayspring Dairy through the information below.


3. Manor Farms   

Manor Farms is located in East Central Alabama. The family-owned farm focuses on self-sustainability homesteading, growing their own fruits and vegetables, and raising their own cattle and sheep. As well as producing their own meat and dairy products, the farm also sells registered, commercial Katahdin sheep and Old English Babydoll South Down sheep.

They participate in the AL scrapie program and run the farm to the highest standards. If you have any questions about their range of sheep and how they operate, you can contact them using the information below.


  • Website: Manor-farms.com 
  • Contact: 706-587-8114 or 717-421-9492
  • Email: Fill out the email form on the website
  • Address: Opelika, Alabama 36804 

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