4 Best Places with Cattle for Sale in Oklahoma

Looking to buy cattle in Oklahoma? Heading out to see livestock in person is the best way to get an idea of their condition, temperament, and fit for your farm.

Luckily Oklahoma has a ton of high-quality reputable cattle breeders to check out, visit and buy cattle from.

Read on for more info on the best places that have cattle for sale in the state.

4 Best Places with Cattles for Sale in Oklahoma

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/ Email
Chain RanchCanton, OK 580-886-5785chainranch.com
Pembrook Cattle CompanyFairview, OK405-206-7997pembrookcattle.com
Damron Cattle CompanyCarter, OK580-729-0200 minicow.me
J&J Cattle Co.Orlando, OK405-880-1902 jandjcattle.com

1. Chain Ranch

Source: chainranch.com

The Chain Ranch is a six-generation owned and operated family business that consists of four ranches in Oklahoma, three in Kansas, and several other properties in both states. 

Ralph Chain and Darla Chain, the ranch’s current owners, were selected as regional winners of the Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) in the year 2004. 

The Chain Ranch sells grass and wheat-fed Limousin, Angus, and Red Angus cattle.

The ranch also farms 10,000 acres of wheat, alfalfa, and feed in addition to other crop rotations for their livestock. 

The genetic integrity of Chain Ranch’s cattle is maintained through a selective AI breeding program that ensures quality beef that is all-natural with no trace of antibiotics or hormones. 

The ranch also produces cross-breed composites of Black Angus, Red Angus, Limousine, and Hereford cows. 

See their website for upcoming sales.

Farm Details:

  • Cattle for Sale: Limousin, Angus, and Red Angus
  • Website: chainranch.com
  • Contact: 580-886-5785
  • Email: newley1@gmail.com
  • Address: Canton, OK

2. Pembrook Cattle Company

Source: pembrookcattle.com

Pembrook Cattle Company is located outside of the town of Fairview, Oklahoma, in the shadow of the Gloss Mountains. They raise Angus cattle with a focus on producing exceptional seed stock.

The ranch is operated by Travis and Beth Pembrook, who grew up raising Limousin cattle from a young age. The couple brings their knowledge and experience together to raise champion cattle alongside sons Bret and Bryson.

At Pembrook, they believe that the customer comes first. That’s why they work to create superior Angus seed stock and help visitors and other interested parties learn all they can about cattle inside of the ranch’s show ring.

Visit their website for more info regarding their sales and services.

Farm Details:

  • Cattle for Sale: Angus
  • Website: pembrookcattle.com
  • Contact: 405-245-1834
  • Email: pembrookcc@pldi.net
  • Address: 49061 SCR 249, Fairview OK 73737

3. Damron Cattle Company

Source: minicow.me

The Damron Cattle Company is one of the few centennial farms located in Western Oklahoma. Kristi Damron is the owner and works alongside her dad, husband, and children to raise cattle.

Damron specializes in raising and selling Red Angus, Angus Cross, and Charolais. They also buy and sell cow/calf pairs.

The ranch raises its animals on grass in the summer and homegrown hay and wheat in the winter. There’s also the odd treat from time to time!

In addition to its fully-sized cows, Damron Cattle Company also offers miniatures like Mini Angus Cross Red and Black, Highland, and Highland Cross. 

Their reason for raising and selling minis include:

  • Their suitability as pets
  • Their ease of handling (compared to fully-sized cows)
  • Their cheaper expense (they eat one half or one third less than the regular cows!)

Damron prices its minis on hair length, size, and color. Its estimated 2017 prices ranged from $1-2K for pet steers and $2-7K for heifers.

The $250 deposit is 100 percent refundable and guarantees the first refusal.

See their website for further info.

Farm Details:

  • Cattle for Sale: Red Angus, Angus Cross, and Charolais
  • Website: minicow.me
  • Contact: 580-729-0200
  • Address: Damron Cattle Company, P.O. Box 154, Carter, OK 73627

4. J&J Cattle Co.

Source: jandjcattle.com

J&J Beef Genetics, LLC is run by Dr. Mark Johnson, his wife, Brenda, and daughters, Sydney and Charley. 

Located in Orlando, OK, it sits one mile off Interstate 35 and is a 15-minute drive from the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

They specialize in raising purebred Hereford, Angus, and Charolais cattle. 

The main focus of their operation is the sale of purebred seed stock with their breeding program ensuring top-tier reproduction and growth genetics.

As evidence of their success, J&J exhibited a Champion Bull, Champion Bred and Owned Heifer and a Champion Owned Heifer at the 2018 AIJCA Junior National.

To see an even longer list of their successes, visit their website.

Farm Details:

  • Cattle for Sale: Angus, Hereford, and Charolais
  • Website: jandjcattle.com
  • Contact: 405-880-1902
  • Email: info@jandjcattle.com
  • Address: Mark, Brenda, Sydney, and Charley Johnson, 22755 N Douglas Blvd., Orlando, OK 73073

Additional Information On Buying Cattle In Oklahoma

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