7 Best Places With Donkeys For Sale In Ohio (2021)

If you’re living in Ohio or nearby and have a lonely looking farm then this post is for you. If you’re looking for places with donkeys for sale in Ohio you’ll be pleased to know there are several reputable options.

I’ve spent a couple of hours researching the best places and put them together in this list.

7 Best Places With Donkeys For Sale In Ohio

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Cabinwood’s Northend Acres Miniature DonkeysWindsor, OH440-272-5400northendacres.com
Sweet Mini J’s FarmLogan, OH740-385-9068sweetminijfarm.com
Morning Glory Mini Donkey’sBellefontaine, OH937-935-3599morninggloryminidonkeys.com
Horse Creek Farm Miniature DonkeysChesterland, OH440-729-1422horsecreekfarm.net
Kerns Bray’n Hil FarmSummerfield, OH740-838-5775kernsbraynhillfarm.com
Morning Star Miniature DonkeysLowell, OH740-896-2187facebook.com/Morning-Star-Miniature-Donkeys
Windy Hill Farm HorsesAthens, OH740-448-2555windyhillsfarm.com

1. Cabinwood’s Northend Acres Miniature Donkeys

Northend Acres is a specialist miniature donkey breeder who produce several high quality foals each year.

Here’s more on their mission according to the website…

Source: northendacres.com

Donkeys are individually evaluated and weaned according to their own needs. Customers will need to place a 30% deposit to hold adult donkeys or foals until they are ready to be weaned. These are non-refundable after 10 days unless agreed upon.

Discounts are available if you buy more than one donkey.

You can also check out Cabinwood’s Facebook page here. They often share updates on new arrivals and foal expectation times.

Farm Information

2. Sweet Mini J’s Farm

This farm is owned by Lacie and Kevin Smith. They have been breeding miniature donkeys on their 6 acres of farm since 2015.

They have a strict policy where they’ll only sell their donkeys in pairs or to homes that already have miniatures. Buyers should expect to place a 20% down payment and a non refundable security deposit.

Their website has more details – as well as a list of donkeys they’ve previously bred and sold.

Source: sweetminijfarms.com

Sweet Mini J’s also has a very active Facebook page where they share images, videos and more. You can check that out here.

Farm Information

3. Morning Glory Mini Donkey’s

Founded in 2001, Morning Glory Mini Donkey’s is another specialist miniature breeder operating out of Ohio state.

As a registered member of the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS), the animals they sell are vaccinated, wormed and trimmed every two months.

Their mission is focused on developing “confident miniature donkeys” from sound breeding jennets and Ravenwood Farm jacks.

Their website has more details.

Source: morninggloryminidonkeys.com

Farm Information

4. Horse Creek Farm Miniature Donkeys

Owned by Wendy Nye, Horse Creek Farm’s has been raising donkeys since 1989.

They breed a select number of their jennets each year and expect three to five foals a year. Wendy’s philosophy is one that she doesn’t need to sell her foals, she just chooses to. That way, she ensures she feels confident they are going to good homes.

Buyers will need to put down a $200 deposit on any of the miniature donkeys they’re keen to buy. Payment plans are available too.

The website has more details.

Source: horsecreekfarm.net

Farm Information

5. Kerns Bray’n Hill Farm

Located in Southeast Ohio, minutes from Interstate 77, Kerns Bray’n are another quality miniature donkey breeder dealing in gray, brown, dark brown and black varieties.

Their foal season usually begins in spring when they expect several new arrivals. The website has a donkey sales page going back to 2013.

Here’s an example of one of the foals they sold in 2020…

Source: kernsbraynhillfarm.com

Farm Information

6. Morning Star Miniature Donkeys

Morning Star breed quality donkeys for pets, showing or to add to breeding stocks. They are situated in Lowell.

The farm is owned by Carl and his wife and they usually have several foals for sale each year.

Check out their Facebook page for more info. They’re particularly proud of their new jennet foal Annie Oakley!

Farm Information

7. Windy Hills Farm Horses

Located in the hills of southeastern Ohio, 6 miles from Athens and Ohio University, Windy Hills Farm is home to horses, ponies and donkeys.

A 150 acre farm with stabling for 12 horses and indoor and outdoor arenas, they’ve been known to sell the odd donkey (not miniatures) or two so are well worth dropping a line.

Farm Information

  • Website: windyhillsfarm.com
  • Contact: 740-448-2555
  • Address: 14236 State Route 550, Athens, Ohio 45701

Additional Information On Buying A Donkey In Ohio

If this list doesn’t satisfy you and you’re looking for a more specific type of donkey (perhaps a mammoth or regular-size one), then it’s worth checking out local listings too.

The Ohio equine scene is very close however so reaching out to any of the farms above could help in any search.

Interested In Buying A Donkey In Ohio?

Caring for donkeys, if you’ve not got much experience, can seem a little scary. To help ease you into farm life with a donkey we’ve put together lots of useful guides.

We cover things like nutrition tips, general care, common questions and a lot more!

Check out our guides here and improve your knowledge of all things donkeys.

Image Credit: @lashleyrich at Unsplash

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