4 Best Places With Donkeys for Sale In Maine

Looking to buy a donkey in Maine? Heading out to see a donkey in person is the best way to find out if they’re the animal for you.

But there are only a couple of places you can do that in the state.

I’ve looked into these places here. Read on to find out more.

4 Best Places With Donkeys For Sale In Maine

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Meadowrock Farm Minis/Appian WayWells, ME207-590-7617 N/A
North Star Sheep FarmWindham, ME 207-892-2125 northstarsheepfarm.com
A Life Line Animal RescueSmyrna, ME207-532-8486 alifeline.org
Somerset Auction Fairfield, ME207-649-0347 somersetauctionco.com

1. Appian Way Miniature Donkeys

Appian Way is based out of Wells, Maine, and specializes in rearing miniature donkeys that are great as halter animals and pets.

They breed black, red dun, and other color minis.

Appian Way updated their name to Meadowrock Farm Minis. It’s unknown if they’re still active.

Farm Information

2. North Star Sheep Farm

Although it’s obviously known for breeding sheep, North Star uses guard donkeys to keep its herd safe and has several jennies falling pregnant throughout the year.

Check out this story in Maine Farmland Trust, where photographer Catherine Frost chronicles her experiences shooting photos of North Star’s 1,000 strong Hampshire and Suffolk sheep.

In the spring, Brooks arrived. The jen stayed close – after all, she carried him, just one foal to carry on the family name, for twelve months.

I was also there when the family was relocated to guard a different flock at the farm’s homestead field. There were already several donkeys tending these sheep and it was established as “their” tribe. Any new animal, regardless of age or adorableness, was suspect – even if it was one of their own kind.


It could be worth staying in contact with North Star Farm for that reason, enquiring about any new donkey foals they might have available.

They are based out of Windham, Maine but have several farms across the state. They are owned and operated by Phil and Lisa Webster, either might be a good port of call to ask when it comes to finding donkeys in Maine!

Here’s a video profiling their farm, their donkeys are featured!

Farm Information

3. A Life Line Animal Rescue

A Life Line is a non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation home, based out of Northern Maine.

They often show their rehomed donkeys on the Maine Donkeys Facebook group (more on this below).

A Life Line also offers people the chance to sponsor donkeys (and other animals) via their website.

Here’s one of their rehomed donkeys, Henry. They outline all the costs below…

A Life Line could definitely be worth contacting if you’re looking for donkeys for your farm, ranch, or home in Maine. They are very well connected!

Farm Information

  • Websitealifeline.org
  • Contact: 207-532-8486
  • Email: luettag@fairpoint.net
  • Address: 71 Smyrna Center Rd, Smyrna, ME

4. Somerset Auction

Another recommendation among donkey owners in Maine is to check out Somerset Auction in Fairfield, Maine, for the chance of a donkey purchase.

You can visit their website to look at their upcoming livestock auctions.

Their animals are kept in clean and friendly environments and pens that are cleaned and treated on a weekly basis (with a fresh bed of shavings).

Be sure to contact the auction house beforehand as only 50 people are permitted to attend auctions at a time (due to state limits).


Additional Information On Buying A Donkey In Maine

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  • Also check in with the Facebook group: Maine Donkeys. They often have lots of people looking for private buyers for their donkeys. But it’s also a great community too!
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  • Breeding donkeys in Maine and looking to make a sale? Contact us here.

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