4 Best Places With Donkeys for Sale In Oklahoma

Looking to buy a donkey in Oklahoma? Heading out to see a donkey in the flesh is the best way to find out if they’re the animal for you.

Thankfully there are several places you can do that in the state.

I’ve looked into some of the best places here. Read on to find out more.

4 Best Places With Donkeys For Sale In Oklahoma

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Garrett Mammoth Jackstock Stilwell, OK918-696-2280 garrettjackstock.com
Double C Exotics Haworth, OK580-236-9304 doublecexotics.com
AssN9 Ranch Shawnee, OK405-964-2910 assn9ranch.com
Mini Wild Ass Acres Norman, OK 405-694-3969 miniwildassacres.com

1. Garrett Mammoth Jackstock

Situated in Stilwell, Eastern Oklahoma, Garrett Mammoth Jackstock is family-run by Bill, Gina, Becca, and Dozer Garrett.

Specializing in mammoth jacks and riding donkeys, the ranch is home to 100 donkeys and was founded over 35 years ago.

Now Oklahoma’s largest Mammoth Donkey herd, the site has five herd sires ranging between 15-16 hands tall raised from some of the US’s top bloodlines.

Known for being one of the few ranches to break saddle donkeys in the ’80s, the site is now a thriving visitor center welcoming people from all over the state.

Famously, many of their animals have also been national winners of the donkey race in Bishop, California.

Here’s one of their riding donkeys, Rhonda…

Check out the website to see their newest listings.

Farm Information

  • Websitegarrettjackstock.com
  • Contact: 918-696-2280
  • Email: billcgarrett@windstream.net
  • Address: 1412 Stilwell, OK 74960

2. Double C Exotics

Double C Exotics is a registered miniature donkey and ibex breeder based out of Haworth, Southeast Oklahoma.

They sell miniature spotted donkeys and Gray Dunn’s.

Here are a few of their animals listed on their website…

Contact Double C and check their website for new and future updates on foals, herdsires, and more.

Farm Information

3. AssN9 Ranch

Based out of Shawnee, Oklahoma, just 30 miles east of Oklahoma City, AssN9 Ranch specialize in breeding miniature Mediterranean donkeys.

Well-known in the region for their 11 Year-End High Point Awards for Donkeys, many of the donkeys raised by AssN9 have gone on to become halter championship winners.

The ranch itself is home to 45 acres of rolling hills and numerous barns. Their donkeys share acreage with dogs, horses, and a standard donkey.

AssN9’s miniatures are handled daily and imprinted at birth. Their lines include Valentina, Magnum 45, and Cobra.

Check out the For Sale page for available purchases.

The owners are Kim Winton and Jim Speck.

Farm Information

4. Mini Wild Ass Acres

Mini Wild Ass Acres is owned by Grant and Shay. They sell miniature donkeys, babydoll sheep, and longhaired dachshunds.

With 13 years of experience breeding miniature donkeys, the farm has both jennets and jacks for sale.

Here’s Annabelle, one of their mini jennets that’s produced three foals so far.

See the website and contact the owners for more information.

Farm Information

Additional Information On Buying A Donkey In Oklahoma

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