9 Best Fish Farms in Arkansas

Arkansas is widely regarded as the birthplace of warm water aquaculture in the United States. This state is a leader in producing bait fish, chinese carp, stocker fish, and striped bass fry.

In addition, thousands of farm ponds in the state have been successfully used to attract wildlife, water livestock, and control fires.

Aquaculture is critical to the development of Arkansas. As a result, fish hatcheries have become a vital source of employment in Arkansas and a significant contributor to the state’s economy.

This article takes a look at the best on show.

Best Fish farms in Arkansas

NameLocationPhone numberContact
Frisby fish farmLonoke, AR(501) 516-5774frisbyfishfarm.com
Keo fish farmKeo, AR(501) 842-2872N/A
Farm catLonoke, AR(501) 676-3768stockmypond.com
Billy Bland fisheryTaylor, AR(870) 694-4811billyblandfishery.com
I. F. Anderson farmsLonoke, AR(501) 676-2716andersonminnows.com
JM Malone & SonsLonoke, AR(501) 676-2800jmmaloneandson.com
Dunn’s fish farmBrinkley, AR(870) 734-1304Dunnsfishfarm.com
Harry Saul minnow farmDeValls Bluff, AR(870) 998-2585saulminnow.com
War Eagle Minnows farmHuntsville, AR(479) 232-5749war-eagle-minnow-farm.business.site

1. Frisby fish farm

Since 1916, Frisby Fish Farm in Lonoke, Arkansas, has been focused exclusively on aquaculture, raising minnows, ornamental koi, and goldfish. They also grow a lot of different kinds of bait and feeder fish. This family-run aquaculture farm is known for having a wide range of high-quality fish that meet the needs of a lot of different customers.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Minnows, Ornamental koi, and Goldfish, as well as bait and feeder fish
  • Website: frisbyfishfarm.com
  • Contact: (501) 516-5774
  • Email: info@frisbyfishfarm.com
  • Address: 15158 AR-89, Lonoke, AR 72086, United States

2. Keo fish farm

Keo fish farm is one of the most prominent cultivators of fingerlings and hybrid striped bass fry species. On their 2000-acre farm, the owners also raise sterile triploid grass carp.

This fish farm follows strict aquaculture standards, ensuring the fish raised here are of the upmost quality.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Fingerlings, hybrid striped bass fry, sterile triploid grass carp, and catfishes, along with other varieties
  • Website: N/A
  • Contact: (501) 842-2872
  • Email: N/A
  • Address: 6444 US-165, Keo, AR 72083, United States

3. Farm cat

Farm Cat is a health-certified fish hatchery that has been delivering the highest quality live fish to ponds and lakes all over the US for decades.

This fish farm, owned by the Finley family, also offers lake and pond maintenance services. They specialize in hauling live fish and stocking ponds and have more than 60 years of experience.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: All leading varieties of fish are sold 
  • Website: stockmypond.com
  • Contact: (501) 676-3768
  • Email: N/A
  • Address: 3014 Salem Cemetery Road, Lonoke, AR 72086

4. Billy Bland Fishery

Billy Bland fishery began as a small fish farm 50 years ago near Taylor, Arkansas.

The fish farm is now known for culturing many kinds of fish, such as minnows, catfish, goldfish, largemouth bass, coppernose, bluegill, etc. In addition, this fishery, owned and operated by the Bland family, has an extensive management team for shipping fish overseas.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Rosie red minnows, catfish, goldfish, tropical fishes, largemouth bass, coppernose, bluegill, Red ear bream, etc.
  • Website: billyblandfishery.com
  • Contact: (870) 694-4811
  • Email: bland.fishery@gmail.com
  • Address: 287 AR-160 West, Taylor, AR 71861, United States

5.I. F Anderson farms

The I. F. Anderson farms in Lonoke County, Arkansas, are well recognized as the largest minnow-producing farm in the world.

This tremendous 11000-acre fishery generates over one billion minnows and five million feeder fishes yearly. In addition, fish here are devoid of infections, unwanted diseases, and biota, which boosts their worth on the international market.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Minnows and feeder fishes
  • Website: andersonminnows.com
  • Contact: (501) 676-2716
  • Email: N/A
  • Address: 4377 US-70, Lonoke, AR 72086, United States

6. JM Malone and Sons

JM Malone & Sons is an industry-leading fish hatchery and pond management farm specializing in the production of Northern Strain Largemouth Bass fingerlings.

They sell significant quantities of fingerlings to fish farmers and operators of recreational ponds. In addition, they offer a variety of pond packages to build a sustainable pond water environment based on their customers’ needs.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Northern Strain Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Channel catfish, Triploid Grass carp, Bluegill Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, etc.
  • Website: jmmaloneandson.com
  • Contact: (501) 676-2800
  • Email: information@jmmaloneandson.com
  • Address: 1156 Malone Lake Rd, Lonoke, AR 72086

7. Dunn’s fish farm

Dunn’s Fish Farm is one of Arkansas’s leading fish hatcheries.

They specialize in raising a variety of fingerlings, including Largemouth Bass and Florida Hybrid Bass. Aside from fish rearing, they also offer a variety of other aquaculture services such as pond management consultation, seining, fertilizer production, pond aerators, and more.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Largemouth Bass, Channel catfish, Triploid Grass carp, Hybrid Bluegill, Coppernose Bluegill, Fathead minnows, Black Crappie, Oriental Koi, Florida Hybrid Bass, etc.
  • Website: dunnsfishfarm.com
  • Contact: (870) 734-1304
  • Email: N/A
  • Address: 1106 Minnow Farm Rd Brinkley, AR, 72021-9294

8. Harry Saul Minnow farm

With over 50 years of expertise in the bait business, the Harry Saul Minnow farm can be considered one of the significant providers of bait fish in the United States.

This farm, located in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas, grows minnows for wholesale distribution.

The Arkansas state board certifies that the raised minnows are free of aquatic diseases and disturbances.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Minnows and other bait fish (forage fish minnows, grow trophy bass, fathead minnows, among other varieties)
  • Website: saulminnow.com
  • Contact: (870) 998-2585
  • Email: N/A
  • Address: 1 7689 Hwy 70E DeValls Bluff, Arkansas 72041

9. War Eagle Minnow farm

War Eagle Minnow farm, a small family-owned farm in Huntsville, Arkansas, offers Shiner minnows for live bait, including crappie, bass, and brooders.

In addition, they supply live Fathead minnows in the Spring and Fall and live Tilapia in the Summer.

In addition to selling live bait, this minnow farm has many catfish-stocked pay lakes that the customers can use.

Farm details

  • Fish for sale: Minnows like Crappie, Bass, and Brooders, and other bait fish like Fathead minnows and Tilapia
  • Website: war-eagle-minnow-farm.business.site
  • Contact: (479) 232-5749
  • Email: N/A
  • Address: 8279, 23812 AR-23, Huntsville, AR 72740

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