5 Best Fish Farms in Florida 

Looking to invest in quality fish in Florida? There are hundreds of fish farms situated throughout the sunshine state. From commercial breeders to small hobbyist farms, you’re guaranteed to find a fantastic selection of fish available.

To help you narrow down your search, here you’ll discover some of the best fish farms in Florida you’ll want to check out.  

Best Fish Farms in Florida 

Imperial Tropicals Lakeland, FLNa imperialtropicals.com
Summerland Tropical Fish Farms Homestead, FL305-905-2294summerlandfish.com
Neighborhood Fish Farm Miami, FL305-221-8013tropicalfishmiami.com
Consolidated Fish Farms IncRiverview, FL813-658-8799consolidatedff.com
Backwater Creek Koi Farm Eustis, FL352-357-4563koisale.com

1. Imperial Tropicals 

With hundreds of positive reviews, Imperial Tropicals is one of the best fish farms in the whole of Florida. Specializing in freshwater tropical fish, you’ll find a huge choice of fish to stock your pond or aquarium. 

Some of the most popular fish sold by the company include African Cichlids, Rainbowfish, Plecos, and Tetras. Whether you want to start your own private collection, or you are looking to open up your own aquarium, the farm has a fantastic choice of fish available.

Covering 20 acres, Imperial Tropicals started back in 1970. They provide wholesale fish, alongside smaller orders for hobbyists. 


2. Summerland Tropical Fish Farms 

The Summerland Tropical Fish Farms has been in business for more than 70 years. They supply a great range of fish including goldfish, Cichlids, and Koi. Ideal for hobbyists, commercial ponds, and lake stocking, the farm only breeds the highest quality fish.

The knowledgeable team can also help you with your pond and lake management. Additionally, they run a rescue program that takes in injured and unwanted fish. 

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable fish for your pond or private aquarium, get in touch with Summerland Tropical Fish Farms today using the details below.


  • Types of fish sold: Community Fish including Molly, Oscars, goldfish, Koi, and Cichlid.
  • Website: summerlandfish.com
  • Contact: 305-905-2294 
  • Address: Summerland Tropical Fish Farms, 13955 SW 248th St, Homestead, FL 33032 

3. Neighborhood Fish Farm 

Since 1971, the Neighborhood Fish Farm has been supplying tropical fish throughout Miami. They supply aquarium fish, as well as pond fish for hobbyists and commercial buyers. Whether you are looking for fancy goldfish and Angelfish, or Cichlids and Koi, you will find an excellent selection available at this popular fish farm.

The farm claims to have the largest selection of freshwater fish in South Florida. If you take a look at their reviews, you’ll see they are one of the most recommended fish farms in the state. To learn more about the fish on offer, contact the Neighborhood Fish Farm using the details below.


  • Types of fish sold: Pond and aquarium fish.
  • Website: tropicalfishmiami.com
  • Contact: 305-221-8013
  • Address: Neighborhood Fish Farm, 12150 SW 45th Street, Miami, FL 33175

4. Consolidated Fish Farms Inc 

If you want to top up your aquarium with the best fish Florida has to offer, Consolidated Fish Farms Inc can help. Supplying the best quality fish to both hobbyists and professional fish keepers, the farm has a great reputation and excels at customer service.

Initially specializing in angelfish over 30 years ago, today the farm sells a huge range of aquarium fish. They go directly from the farm to the customer, and they also provide a selection of dry goods such as filtration and aeration products.

To find out more about this popular farm based in Riverview, get in touch via the information below.


  • Types of fish sold: Aquarium fish including Angelfish, Cichlids, Corydoras, and goldfish. 
  • Website: consolidatedff.com
  • Contact: 813-658-8799
  • Email: info@consolidatedff.com 
  • Address: 10523 Tucker Jones Rd, Riverview, FL 33578

5. Backwater Creek Koi Farm 

Whether you are a wholesale or a retail buyer, if you’re in the market for Koi then the Backwater Creek Koi Farm is the place to shop. Run by Cheryl and Joe Pawlak, there are two farms situated in central and northwest Florida. 

Each of the Koi supplied by the farm can be genetically traced back to the original fish imported from Japan. The fish are also tested to ensure they are healthy and bred to the highest standards. They supply their fish to both dealers and hobbyists, offering an excellent selection of American bred Koi and goldfish. 

To get in touch with Backwater Creek Koi Farm, use the contact details below.


  • Types of fish sold: Koi and goldfish
  • Website: koisale.com
  • Contact: 352-357-4563
  • Email: sales@koisale.com 
  • Address: 30540 FL-44, Eustis, FL 32736

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