5 Best Fish Farms in Texas 

Texas is home to a huge range of fish farms. Whether you want to restock your fishpond, invest in breeding stock, or start your own tropical aquarium, there are plenty of places that supply quality fish throughout the state.

Struggling to narrow down your options? In this brief guide, you’ll discover some of the best fish farms in Texas.   

Best Fish Farms in Texas 

Tyler Fish FarmBen Wheeler903-849-2081tylerfishfarm.com
Larry’s Fish FarmGiddings979-542-6245larrysfishfarm.com
Henneke Fish HatcheryHallettsville361-798-1001hennekehatchery.com
Overton Fisheries Buffalo940-531-2476overtonfisheries.com
Texas Fishing LLCCaddo Mills888-976-9464ufishtx.com

1. Tyler Fish Farm 

Situated in east Texas, Tyler Fish Farm was founded in 1983 and it has gone on to become one of the leading farms in the state. They have helped to supply thousands of lakes and ponds, offering great value package deals, alongside naturally competitive prices.

Run by Bob Waldrop, the farm sets the benchmark for genetic quality, and its philosophy is to treat customers the way they would want to be treated. The team’s friendly approach and expert knowledge help to make this one of the best fish farms in Texas. 

Offering a huge range of fish including coppernose bluegill, channel catfish, threadfin shad, and a range of seasonal fish, you can contact the farm using the details below.


  • Types of fish sold: Channel catfish, Florida largemouth bass, coppernose bluegill, redear sunfish, fathead minnow, threadfin shad, and seasonal fish. 
  • Website: tylerfishfarm.com
  • Contact: 903-849-2081
  • Email: sales@tylerfishfarm.com 
  • Address: 3096 county road 4923, Ben Wheeler, TX 75754

2. Larry’s Fish Farm

For over 30 years, Larry’s Fish Farm has been supplying a full line of stocker fish in and around the Giddings area of Texas. Primarily catering to professional and hobbyist anglers, the farm stocks a range of bait, traps, and feeders. They are also licensed to sell Triploid grass carp. 

You can pick up deliveries directly from the farm, or have a delivery scheduled to your premises. For those new to running a pond, you’ll find great information on the farm’s website. To find out more, or to get in touch with Larry’s Fish Farm, use the details below.


  • Types of fish sold: Minnows, bluegills, red ear, largemouth bass, black crappie, catfish, goldfish, Triploid grass carp, and Arkansas bullfrog tadpoles.
  • Website: larrysfishfarm.com
  • Contact: 979-542-6245
  • Email: lspitzenberger@gmail.com 
  • Address: Larry’s Fish Farm, 4203 North Hwy. 77 Giddings, Texas 78942.

3. Henneke Fish Hatchery

The professional team at Henneke Fish Hatchery has been providing lake and pond management for decades. Not only do they provide excellent quality fish stocking and feeder fish to landowners across Texas, but they also help with water management.

The hatchery provides fish for private family fishing holes, alongside large acre lakes. The farm is family-run, and they pride themselves on attention to detail. Alongside common fish, they also supply a variety of more unique breeds including Hybrid blue catfish, sunfish, and bass. 

Need help building and planning a new pond or lake? Henneke’s Fish Hatchery also offers a pond and lake design and construction service. To learn more or to reach out to the team, use the details below.


4. Overton Fisheries

With 30 ponds dedicated to fish production, Overton Fisheries is one of the leading fish farms in Texas. They breed and sell a great range of forage and sportfish that can be picked up through one of their open-air live fish markets. Alternatively, you can arrange to have the fish delivered directly to your property.

The fishery doesn’t just sell quality fish, they also specialize in management services. This includes water quality testing, clearing muddy waters, and carrying out on-site consulting. You will find everything you need to keep your fish happy and healthy. 

To make a purchase or find out more, use the contact information below. 


5. Texas Fishing LLC

With a focus on pond excavation and pond stocking, Texas Fishing LLC is one of the most popular fish farms in the whole of Texas. They also open their own fishing ponds up to the public, with no license required. 

The staff has expert knowledge and experience when it comes to stocking ponds. In fact, they have been providing the service since 1982. Situated in Caddo Mills, the company can deliver its fish and products virtually anywhere.

To make their fish more affordable, they offer discounted pond packages. Whether you need a specific type of fish such as bass, or you want a mixed fish setup, there is a package deal to suit you.

Find out more about Texas Fishing LLC or contact the friendly team through the details found below.


  • Types of fish sold: Bass, catfish, bream, crappie, minnows. 
  • Website: ufishtx.com
  • Contact: 888-976-9464
  • Email: ufishtx.com/order-fish 
  • Address: 5490 FM 36 South, Caddo Mills, TX 75135 

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