Types of Cows with Horns (With Pictures!)

Types of Cows with Horns

Many breeds of cattle have horns, giving them a striking, and sometimes intimidating look. Many farmers prefer to keep horned cattle for a variety of different reasons.  If you are considering adding horned cattle to your homestead, it’s worth doing your research to see which breeds are considered the best. To help give you an … Read more

Pros and Cons of Brahman Cattle 

Brahman Cattle pros and cons

Originating from India, Brahman cattle have become one of the best-loved breeds in the US. Over the years, the breed’s beef characteristics and temperament have been improved through careful breeding.  These cattle are known for their excellent beef production, though they are also used to create unique crossbreeds. There is a lot to consider before … Read more

Disadvantages of Hereford Cattle 

Hereford Cattle disadvantages

Introduced in the 19th century, Hereford cattle have gone on to become one of the most popular meat breeds raised in the US. Originating from Hereford, England, this docile breed produces great meat, and they have excellent mothering abilities. However, despite their popularity, Hereford cattle aren’t without their disadvantages. If you are considering adding Hereford … Read more

5 Best American Breeds of Cattle (With Pictures!)

American Breeds of Cattle

Looking to add a herd of cattle to your farm or homestead? With so many diverse and beautiful breeds to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your search. While some of the most popular cattle in the US are imported breeds, don’t discount the breeds born and bred in America. Some breeds … Read more

5 Best British Breeds of Cattle (With Pictures!)

British Breeds of Cattle

The United Kingdom is known for producing some of the best breeds of cattle in the world. Farms and homesteads across America commonly feature herds with British origins.  Whether you are looking to raise them for beef or milk, you will find a lot of fantastic British breeds to invest in. To help you choose … Read more

Best Places with Cattle for Sale in Mississippi

Cattle for Sale Mississippi

Cattle farming is a staple of Mississippi’s agriculture, with its cattle inventory estimated at 920,000 in 2021.  When it comes to the best providers of cattle or stock animals, the state has a lot of options. This article looks at some of the best cattle breeders and handlers Mississippi has to offer. Cattle for sale … Read more

Best Places with Cattle For Sale in Kansas

Cattle For Sale Kansas

A large part of the Kansas state economy has historically been driven by the livestock industry. As a result, the state has always consisted of cattle farms, chicken coops, packing plants, and big, expansive ranches. The state with the third-largest number of cattle on farms and feed yards, Kansas is also crucial to the beef … Read more

5 Overlooked Disadvantages Of Texas Longhorn Cattle

texas longhorn disadvantages

The Texas Longhorn cow is an icon of the southwest with its highly distinguishable horns and variety of colors from browns to speckled.  Their origin dates back to the arrival of  Colombus in the 1400s and unlike most modern breeds they had about 200 generations of natural selection. Having spent years roaming free these cattle … Read more

4 Best Places with Cattle for Sale in Oklahoma

Cattle for Sale Oklahoma

Looking to buy cattle in Oklahoma? Heading out to see livestock in person is the best way to get an idea of their condition, temperament, and fit for your farm. Luckily Oklahoma has a ton of high-quality reputable cattle breeders to check out, visit and buy cattle from. Read on for more info on the … Read more