Southdown Sheep Pros and Cons

southdown sheep pros and cons

The Southdown sheep is a rare sheep breed known for its sweet meat. Developed in Sussex, England, in the late 1700 and early 1800s, the flock of John Ellman was one of the first to move into Pennsylvania from 1824 to 1829. Many consider importers Jonas Webb and John Ellman to be this breed’s standardizer. … Read more

Dorset Sheep Pros and Cons

Dorset Sheep Pros and Cons

The Dorset sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds, renowned for its hardiness and breeding ability. While it is kept primarily for meat, the Dorset produces a respectable amount of milk and makes decent-quality fleece.  The Dorset sheep is believed to be a result of crossing two native southwestern England sheep breeds. There are … Read more

4 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Missouri

Sheep for Sale Missouri

Missouri is one of the top producers of sheep in the United States. The state is quite large (home to 6.9 million acres of pastureland and 4 million acres of woodland and farmland), and there are many farmers dedicated to producing healthy and well-fed sheep. If you are looking for the best places with sheep … Read more

Dorper Vs Katadhin Sheep: Which Is Better For Your Farm?

Dorper Vs Katadhin Sheep

Wondering whether to add Dorper or Katahdin sheep to your homestead? While both breeds are exceptionally popular in the US, there are some differences between the two. Being aware of the pros and cons of each breed will help you to make a better-informed decision over which one is right for your setup.  In this … Read more

6 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Colorado

Sheep for Sale Colorado

Did you know that Colorado is one of the states in the USA known for producing wool? According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Colorado consistently ranks among the country’s top five states in wool production, producing 2.2 million pounds of wool in 2017. No wonder one can find an abundance of sheep farms in … Read more

4 Best Places With Sheep for Sale in Kentucky 

Sheep for Sale kentucky

There are plenty of sheep for sale in Kentucky. From hobby breeders to full-scale farms and ranches, it can be tricky narrowing down your search with so many options available.  If you want to make sure you are purchasing the best sheep to live on your farm or homestead, taking a trip to visit local … Read more

3 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Arizona

sheep for sale arizona

Looking for sheep for sale in Arizona? Visiting nearby breeders and farms is a great way to find the best livestock for your homestead. However, with so many different breeders available in the state, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. To help save you a ton of time and effort, below you’ll … Read more

3 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Alabama

sheep for sale alabama

Looking to buy sheep in Alabama? There are tons of farms, ranches, and breeders offering a wide range of sheep for sale throughout the state.  To save time and ensure you are choosing the best sheep for your farm or homestead, it pays to research the best local breeders.  Best Places with Sheep for Sale … Read more

4 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Georgia

Sheep for Sale Georgia

For centuries, the state of Georgia has been raising sheep as one of its locally farmed animals.  Here are the 4 highly-recommended sheep farms you can find in Georgia. Each has a unique way of producing grass-fed sheep and other bestselling farm produce. Best Places With Sheep for Sale In Georgia Farm Name Location Contact … Read more

5 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Texas

Texas is the leading producer of sheep in the United States. According to the Texas State Historical Association website, the state had an estimated 1,200,000 sheep in 2000. There are over ten breeds to choose from in Texas; the most common are Dorper, White Dorper, Rambouillet, Delaine- Merino, Columbia, Corriedale, Suffolk, Hampshire, Southdown, Dorset, and … Read more