Why Do Donkeys Bray? (5 Reasons They Hee Haw)

why do donkeys bray

Figuring out why donkeys bray can be tricky. There are lots of reasons. In this article you’ll learn: 5 main reasons for the noise How you can prevent it What the sound actually is I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching donkey behavior and have a keen interest in them as a farmyard pet.  Why Do … Read more

Do Donkeys Eat Meat? (8 Surprising Facts)

Do Donkeys Eat Meat

Donkeys don’t typically eat meat. But to rule it out of their diets completely can be a little short-sighted. This article takes a look at 10 surprising facts about the role animal protein can play in a donkey’s world. Let’s get started. Do Donkeys Eat Meat? Donkeys are hay lovers. They’re not known to eat … Read more

Can Donkeys Eat Celery? (Refreshing & Healthy)

can donkeys eat celery

Donkeys are big fans of celery. So much so that consuming this crunchy vegetable is something they’ll actively look forward to. The fact it’s high in Vitamin K? An extra bonus too. Especially for a donkey’s blood circulation. Health Benefits of Celery for a Donkey As a part of the apiaceae family, celery is in … Read more

Can Goats Eat Asparagus?

can goats eat asparagus?

A lot of things safe for goats to eat grow naturally in their surroundings, asparagus is just one of them. The vegetable is also a great source of nutrients for goats too. So don’t be worried about them causally grazing on asparagus on your patch of land. In fact asparagus is so sought-after as a … Read more