Best Organic Farms In Pennsylvania

Organic Farms Pennsylvania

Are you looking to buy organic farm produce and animal products in Pennsylvania?  It’s always better to source your food from a farm than a store. This article takes a look at five of the most reputable organic farms in the state, meaning you can keep your food both local and pesticide-free. Best Organic Farms … Read more

Best Places with Cattle for Sale in Mississippi

Cattle for Sale Mississippi

Cattle farming is a staple of Mississippi’s agriculture, with its cattle inventory estimated at 920,000 in 2021.  When it comes to the best providers of cattle or stock animals, the state has a lot of options. This article looks at some of the best cattle breeders and handlers Mississippi has to offer. Cattle for sale … Read more

Best Organic Farms in Florida

Organic Farms Florida

Are you looking for the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious organic foods in Florida? There’s no better place than to get them straight from the farm. Farm produce is picked and handed to you directly, unlike the store produce that sometimes sits on shelves for days. With farm produce, you get the best in flavor … Read more

Best Organic Farms in California

Organic Farms California

Are you looking to indulge in fresh organic farm food in California? Various farms and companies hold the same food values as you do and have ventured into clean, organic food production.  Here is the list of the seven most reputable farms in California, including the produce you can get from each, their location, and … Read more

Best Places with Cattle For Sale in Kansas

Cattle For Sale Kansas

A large part of the Kansas state economy has historically been driven by the livestock industry. As a result, the state has always consisted of cattle farms, chicken coops, packing plants, and big, expansive ranches. The state with the third-largest number of cattle on farms and feed yards, Kansas is also crucial to the beef … Read more

4 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Missouri

Sheep for Sale Missouri

Missouri is one of the top producers of sheep in the United States. The state is quite large (home to 6.9 million acres of pastureland and 4 million acres of woodland and farmland), and there are many farmers dedicated to producing healthy and well-fed sheep. If you are looking for the best places with sheep … Read more

Dorper Vs Katadhin Sheep: Which Is Better For Your Farm?

Dorper Vs Katadhin Sheep

Wondering whether to add Dorper or Katahdin sheep to your homestead? While both breeds are exceptionally popular in the US, there are some differences between the two. Being aware of the pros and cons of each breed will help you to make a better-informed decision over which one is right for your setup.  In this … Read more

Keeping Boer Goats: 5 Biggest Disadvantages

Boer Goats disadvantages

One of the most popular breeds in the United States, Boer goats are typically raised for their meat. Hardy and easy to care for, they originate from South Africa and boast a lean, muscly body. Like any type of animal, there are pros and cons to raising Boer goats. You’ll easily come across the pros … Read more

9 Best Fish Farms in Arkansas

Fish Farms Arkansas

Arkansas is widely regarded as the birthplace of warm water aquaculture in the United States. This state is a leader in producing bait fish, chinese carp, stocker fish, and striped bass fry. In addition, thousands of farm ponds in the state have been successfully used to attract wildlife, water livestock, and control fires. Aquaculture is … Read more