3 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Arizona

Looking for sheep for sale in Arizona? Visiting nearby breeders and farms is a great way to find the best livestock for your homestead. However, with so many different breeders available in the state, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.

To help save you a ton of time and effort, below you’ll discover some of the best ranches, farms, and breeders that offer sheep for sale in Arizona.

Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Arizona

J Diamond Bell Ranch Near Flagstaff, Arizona 307-413-2050jdiamondbellranch.com
Trinity M FarmsTonopah, Arizona 480-708-2379trinitymfarms.com
A Bar H FarmSan Simon Valley, Arizona 520-904-4389 (Anya) or 602-526-4965 (Harry)abarhfarm.com

1. J Diamond Bell Ranch

J Diamond Bell Ranch primarily runs as a horse hotel and boarding facility. However, it also claims to be the only registered breeder of Saint Croix sheep in Arizona. 

The ranch was set up in 2006, offering Saint Croix sheep for sale for individuals and commercial stock. They do have a limited number of lambs and sheep for sale, so it is recommended you call to make a reservation. 

Contact the J Diamond Bell Ranch using the details below.


2. Trinity M Farms

The family-owned and operated Trinity M Farms is a small farm covering two acres in Tonopah. They raise and sell registered Dorper Club lambs and breed sheep, alongside Nigerian Dwarf goats.

 Run by Michelle and Micael, the farm started off with a small flock of commercial Dorper sheep. However, they didn’t have a Club lamb appearance. So, in 2019, they invested in new genetics from the Texas-based Feed My Sheep and Powell Ranch. Additionally, in 2020 they introduced genetics from the N&K Ranch, allowing them to breed Club lambs.

They boast a clean flock which goes through annual health checks and the farm is registered with the Department of Agriculture. You can purchase lambs and breeding stock for FFA and 4-H from the farm, though it is advised you contact them to make a reservation using the details below.


3.  A Bar H Farm 

Situated in the San Simon Valley region of Arizona, A Bar H Farm produces premium quality breeding stock of Dormer sheep. Run by Anya and Harry, the farm specializes in producing the highest quality sheep.

Raised on irrigated pasture, the South African breed is fast-growing and large-bodied. They often have multiple lambs and are fast growing in popularity.

Breeding stock is available to purchase all year round as the farm lambs its ewes every spring and fall. Their foundation stock comes from Karoo Genetics, one of the original importers of the Dormer breed from South Africa. Today, they provide lines from Karoo Genetics, alongside other lines.

The flock is enrolled in Scrapie’s, and all lambs for sale meet the South African standards of excellence.  To learn more about the breed and the current stock available, you can contact A Bar H Farm on the details below.


  • Website: abarhfarm.com
  • Contact: 520-904-4389 (Anya) or 602-526-4965 (Harry)
  • Email: anya@abarhfarm.com 
  • Address: P.O. Box 66, 154o W. Holloway Rd, San Simon, AZ 85632

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