6 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Colorado

Did you know that Colorado is one of the states in the USA known for producing wool? According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Colorado consistently ranks among the country’s top five states in wool production, producing 2.2 million pounds of wool in 2017. No wonder one can find an abundance of sheep farms in Colorado. 

Here are the best places with sheep for sale you can find in Colorado. Each adopts the best management practices needed for a profitable and sustainable sheep ranch.

Best Places With Sheep For Sale Colorado

Farm NameLocationContact numberEmail address
Desert Weyr, LLC16870 Garvin Mesa Road, Paonia, CO 81428(970) 527-3573sales@desertweyr.com 
Skypilot Farm10384 Airport Road Longmont, CO 80503(303) 395-3524skypilotfarm.com/contact 
Ewe Bet Ranch1850 E. State Hwy 60, Loveland, CO 80537(970) 744-8902beemer@ewebetranch.com 
Mayberry Farm6889 S County Rd 185 Byers, CO 80103(303) 822-6955farmatmayberry@gmail.com 
Heupel Farms27488 County Rd 5 Weldona, CO 80653(970) 768-4955heupelfarms@gmail.com 
Ruff Row Ranch LLC778 Saddlestring Rd, Bailey, CO 80421(720) 924-6455carolyn@ruffrowranch.com 

Desert Weyr LLC

Located at 16870 Garvin Mesa Road, the Desert Weyr LLC is home to Black Welsh Mountain sheep, a British pedigree famous for meat and wool production. The owners follow a unique business philosophy ensuring proper livestock treatment while enhancing soil fertility.

The ranch caters to a wide range of clients, as disclosed on their website. They aim to meet the needs of experienced farmers, adventurous cooks, and fiber artists. This is strong proof that the Black Welsh Mountain sheep is a good choice of sheep breed because it has many to offer.

If you are interested in paying the farm a visit for a quick tour, check out the details below:

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Black Welsh Mountain Sheep
  • Website: desertweyr.com
  • Contact: (303) 395-3524
  • Address: 10384 Airport Road Longmont, CO 80503
  • Pricing: For the pricing of the breeding livestock, contact the farm’s owners

Skypilot Farm

Equipped with an interesting backstory and innovative partnership with the locals, the Skypilot Farm is a productive sheep farm. The farm is located in Longmont, Colorado, and cultivates a wide selection of sheep breeds.

The owners’ commitment to multi-species regenerative grazing and humane standards for animal welfare enables the farm to produce productive livestock and best-tasting produce.

Aside from selling live sheep, the farm also sells meat products such as lamb, pork, and beef. All are purchasable via individual cuts, bundle boxes, subscriptions, and even as whole or half animals.

The details I outlined below will help you know more about Skypilot farm.

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: For ewes – Polypay, Rambouillet, and Targhee; For rams – Polypay, Rambouillet, Dorset, and Targhee
  • Website: https://www.skypilotfarm.com/  
  • Contact: (229) 416-5199
  • Address: 774 Springhead rd. Colquitt, GA 39837 USA
  • Pricing: Contact the farm directly using the information provided above

Ewe Bet Ranch

Family-owned farms are a thing in Colorado, and Ewe Bet Ranch is one of the long-established ones. The owners’ passion for animal breeding goes back to their great-great-grandfathers, giving them unique means of growing their business.

This farm produces and sells sheep with optimum health. Their membership in various associations, such as the Ovine Progress Pneumonia Organization, provides them with tests to prove their flock is disease-free.

The Ewe Bet Ranch is a closed flock, which means it does not buy outside livestock. The sheep are allowed to remain on the farm and live a healthy lifestyle.

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Rambouillet, Black Rambouillet, Rambouillet Cross, and California Variegated Mutant (CVM) Sheep
  • Website: ewebetranch.com
  • Contact: (970) 744-8902
  • Address: 1850 E. State Hwy 60, Loveland, CO 80537
  • Pricing: Contact the owners with regards to purchasing their live sheep for breeding purposes.

Mayberry Farm

One of the critical factors for a prosperous sheep farm is its location, and in the eastern plains of Colorado, where rolling hills and prairie are found, Mayberry provides its livestock the ideal home to grow healthy and strong.

Visiting Mayberry, you will discover that the owners tend to three recommended sheep breeds for fleece production. These are the Bluefaced Leicesters, CVMs, and Australian Bond sheep.

 Focused on sustainability, this Colorado sheep farm utilizes eco-friendly means of generating energy. If you find this ranch interesting, see its details below:

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Bluefaced Leicesters, CVMs, and Australian Bond sheep
  • Website: mayberryfarm.net
  • Contact: (303) 822-6955
  • Address: 6889 S County Rd 185 Byers, CO 80103
  • Pricing: Contact the owners for their breeding livestock’s pricing.

Heupel Farms

This next farm is notable for its efforts to produce sound, functional, productive, and profitable sheep breeds. Situated on the Eastern plains of Colorado, the sheep ranch boasts its registered Suffolk sheep flock that receives utmost care and management.

The farming method of Heupel Farms is top-notch, which explains why their sheep are award-winning. Its breeding program made the farm bag the 2016 JMG National Reserve Champion Ram.

For interested clients, the farm is open for a visit; just contact them for a scheduled tour. Below is the info you would need.

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Suffolk Sheep, Wyoming Ram, and Utah Ram
  • Website: http://www.heupelfarms.com/index.html 
  • Contact: (970) 768-4955
  • Address: 27488 County Rd 5 Weldona, CO 80653
  • Pricing: Contact directly for price requests.

Ruff Row Ranch LLC

Operating on 18 acres of pasture lands, the Ruff Row Ranch has excellent sheep breed offerings. The sheep ranch is found at Bailey, Colorado, approximately 45 minutes southwest of Denver.

Regarding sheep farming, two excellent breeds are cultivated by the guys at Ruff Row:

  • Polled Icelandic Sheep: Considered to be one of the world’s oldest and purest breeds, the Icelandic sheep is prized for its meat, fiber, and milk. It also has excellent fertility since it is capable of producing twins and triplets.
  • Katahdin Sheep: This breed is a wooless, low-maintenance meat sheep that can withstand climatic extremes and perform well in various environments. Katahdins are commonly bred for their meat production efficiency.

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Polled Icelandic Sheep and Katahdin Sheep
  • Website: ruffrowranch.com
  • Contact: (720) 924-6455
  • Address: 778 Saddlestring Rd, Bailey, CO 80421
  • Pricing: Contact the farm for the pricing of their livestock.

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