4 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Georgia

For centuries, the state of Georgia has been raising sheep as one of its locally farmed animals. 

Here are the 4 highly-recommended sheep farms you can find in Georgia. Each has a unique way of producing grass-fed sheep and other bestselling farm produce.

Best Places With Sheep for Sale In Georgia

Farm NameLocationContact numberEmail address
Tanglewood Farm171 Tanglewood Drive, Canton GA 30115(770) 667-6464info@tanglewood.farm
Shelby Acres Farm774 Springhead rd. Colquitt, GA 39837 USA(229) 416-5199shelbyacres@windstream.net 
Double N Farms153 Doug Nix Road, Cleveland, GA 30528(706) 892-9365doublenfarmsga@gmail.com 
Annie Farm’s Market105 W Dame Ave, Homerville, GA 31634(229) 560-9070leeetta@ymail.com 

1. Tanglewood Farm

This farm is home to miniature livestock, including sheep. The farm is known for its “Foundation Bloodlines,” which preserve once-near-extinct breeds, and is nestled in the rolling hills of Cherokee County at the foot of the North Georgia Mountains. 

Their sheep husbandry approach incorporates the therapeutic benefits of using gentle, hand-raised miniature farm animals.

Tanglewood farm sells two kinds of bestselling miniature sheep:

  • Miniature Babydoll Sheep: This breed is thought to have originated in the late 1700s in Sussex County, England’s Southdown hills. The Miniature Babydoll Southdown breed became popular due to its extreme hardiness, and it provides a carcass with tenderness and flavor that no other breed can match.
  • Miniature Shetland Sheep: This primitive breed of miniature sheep is considered one of the smallest British sheep. Rams typically weigh 75 to 100 pounds, while ewes weigh 60 to 85 pounds.

Shetland wool is exceptionally soft and comes in a variety of colors. It is ideal for making skin-friendly garments, and the color palette encourages using unique and exciting knitting patterns.

Tanglewood Farm health records are included with all miniatures, which include up-to-date vaccinations, a deworming schedule, and a hoof trimming schedule. If you want to learn more about their farm, check out the information provided below:

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Miniature Babydoll Sheep and Miniature Shetland Sheep
  • Website: tanglewoodfarmminiatures.com
  • Contact: (770) 667-6464
  • Address: 171 Tanglewood Drive, Canton GA 30115
  • Pricing: Visit the “breed” section of the website for the prices of their sheep breeds.

Shelby Acres Farm

Operating for almost three decades, the Shelby Acres Farm is another noteworthy Georgian sheep farm. This Animal Welfare Approved farm is located in Southwest Georgia, about 50 minutes from Florida. The breed of their choice is Dorper and White Dorper sheep.

According to the owners, they originally bred Hampshires, Southdowns & Suffolk prior to relocating to Georgia. For apparent reasons, these sheep do not do well in the warm climate of the Southeast. Having tried other hair breeds, the team chose Dorper and White Dorper since they are ideally suited for Georgian pasture lands.

The livestock on the farm is processed locally at a federal facility for resale to consumers from the packing facility. Shelby Acres sheep and lamb are sold worldwide and in the United States. Shelby Acres Farm is a Georgia Agritourism business that offers hands-on education to individuals and groups ages 4 and up.

If you are interested in knowing more about the farm’s sheep breeding stock, you can just head to their website. More details of the farm are given below:

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Dorper and White Dorper Sheep
  • Website: shelbyacresfarm.com
  • Contact: (229) 416-5199
  • Address: 774 Springhead rd. Colquitt, GA 39837 USA
  • Pricing: Contact the farm directly

Double N Farms

Family-oriented farms are typical in Georgia, and Double N Farms is one of the best. Located in the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills, this farm focuses on raising high-quality, registered breeding ewes and rams and commercial lambs for meat consumption.

Their chosen breed is the Dorper sheep, which is well-known for its ability to adapt to harsh conditions and produce a high, flavorful meat yield.

Double N Farms employs sheep farming best management practices to achieve sustainable agriculture. Nathan and Tina, the present owners, are constantly learning to care for and manage their land and livestock effectively. Interestingly, they both obtained Master Small Ruminant Certification and regular attendees of agricultural production classes and conferences.

Farm details:

  • Sheep breed: Dorper Sheep
  • Website: doublenfarms.com
  • Contact: (706) 892-9365
  • Address: 153 Doug Nix Road, Cleveland, GA 30528
  • Pricing: Contact the owners with regards to purchasing live sheep for breeding purposes.

Annie Farm’s Market

Annie Farm’s Market is a multigenerational farm specializing in heritage breed sheep, Tunis and Cotswold cattle, chickens, and various produce.

The farm’s location is four miles away from DuPont and is off the main road. For this reason, Google maps is unreliable in helping you find this farm. Interested clients should instead contact the owners before visiting the farm to be guided appropriately.

As you visit the farm, you are given a chance to pet a sheep and also see how they process their bestselling wool products. 

Like the other farms we have mentioned, Annie Farm’s Market observes best practices in sheep farming to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Farm details:

  • Sheep breeds: Tunis and Cotswold
  • Website: annfarm.com
  • Contact: (229) 560-9070
  • Address: 105 W Dame Ave, Homerville, GA 31634
  • Pricing: Interested individuals are advised to contact the farm for their updated sheep and pricing.

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