4 Best Places With Sheep for Sale in Kentucky 

There are plenty of sheep for sale in Kentucky. From hobby breeders to full-scale farms and ranches, it can be tricky narrowing down your search with so many options available. 

If you want to make sure you are purchasing the best sheep to live on your farm or homestead, taking a trip to visit local breeders can help. 

So which farms offer the best sheep for sale in Kentucky? Read on to discover some of the best local breeders to consider…

Best Places With Sheep for Sale in Kentucky 

Winding Ridge FarmSpringfield KY502-507-3361 or 502-507-3865windingridgefarms.com
Jumbuck Sheep FarmCorbin, Kentucky606-521-2813jumbucksheepfarm.com
Hemmer Hill FarmCrestwood, Kentucky502-228-3820 (Home) 502-767-3475 (Cell)hemmerhillfarm.com
Bluegrass Babydolls Lawrenceburg, KY502-472-7485bluegrassbabydolls.com

1. Winding Ridge Farm

Situated near Springfield, Winding Ridge Farm is family owned and operated, specializing in raising Katahdin sheep. They frequently sell registered Katahdin ewe lambs and rams, ideal for commercial farms and registered breeders. 

Members of the Kentucky Sheep & Wool Producers Association, and the Katahdin Hair Sheep International, the family keep accurate health records for their entire flock. This ensures they only ever raise and sell sheep that are genetically sound.

As Katahdin sheep have hair, not wool, there is no need to shear them, and they are a hardy breed. This makes them the perfect choice for beginner farms and homesteads. 

To find out more about their existing or future sheep for sale, you can contact Winding Ridge Farm using the details below.


2. Jumbuck Sheep Farm

Located in the foothills of Appalachia, the Jumbuck Sheep Farm primarily raises Katahdin sheep for their meat. However, they also offer ewe lambs for breeder and commercial stock. 

With lush pasture to roam, the sheep are well cared for at the farm. The family places a high priority on raising and selling the highest quality sheep in the state. They are happy to answer any questions you may have before you buy, and their website contains lots of useful information on sheep farming basics. 

You can arrange a visit to the farm by contacting them using the details below.


  • Website: jumbucksheepfarm.com
  • Contact: 606-521-2813
  • Email: Fill out the contact form on the homepage
  • Address: Jumbuck Sheep Farm, 3634 Highway 511, Corbin, Kentucky 40701

3. Hemmer Hill Farm 

Hemmer Hill Farm is run by retired couple Joyce Keibler and her husband Gary. They bought the farm in 2005, located on the outskirts of Louisville, and decided to raise Saint Croix sheep. The farm has become Animal Welfare Approved, and they manage their pastures without the use of pesticides.

Their impressive livestock is mostly sold all over the East Coast and Midwest as breeding stock. The Saint Croix breed is considered a meat breed, known for its easy care and maintenance. They are also renowned for multiple births, providing great value for money. 

The couple advises reserving their breeding stock lambs ahead of time by contacting them on the details below.


4. Bluegrass Babydolls 

Since 2006, the Bluegrass Babydolls farm has been raising and breeding Babydoll Southdown sheep. Situated just outside of Lexington, their sheep are raised for companions, breeding stock, and weed trimmers.

The sheep are registered with the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association and Registry. Run by father and daughter team Betsy and Don, the small farm is one of the most popular in the state. 

Babydoll sheep are a smaller breed with fantastic personalities. They do require annual shearing and the same maintenance as standard breeds. The owners highly recommend them for keeping weeds down in orchards and vineyards as they won’t be able to reach the trees or vines like other breeds. 

To learn more about the Babydoll Southdown sheep for sale at Bluegrass Babydolls, you can contact the owners using the details below.


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