4 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Missouri

Missouri is one of the top producers of sheep in the United States. The state is quite large (home to 6.9 million acres of pastureland and 4 million acres of woodland and farmland), and there are many farmers dedicated to producing healthy and well-fed sheep.

If you are looking for the best places with sheep for sale in the state, your search should start with the type of breed you want.

There are over eight sheep breeds from which to choose in Missouri, the most common options being:

  • White Dorper
  • Dorper
  • Delaine- Merino
  • Hampshire 
  • Katahdin hair 
  • Rambouillet 
  • Dorset
  • Suffolk

The best places to buy sheep in the state are from local trusted breeders. These breeders are careful of how they raise their sheep, providing them with the best meals and care system.

In this guide, we have reviewed the best places that do exactly that!

Best Places to Buy Sheep in Missouri

1. Whetstone Prairie Dorper

Whetstone Prairie Dorper is owned by Tom Clark and Debbie Dougherty of Williamsburg, Missouri.

The couple have raised and sold Dorper sheep since 2007, creating their flock by buying genetics from some of the best breeders in the United States and Australia.

Their mission is to produce easy care and healthy Dorper and White Dorper with the true South African standard while being adapted to the conditions in central Missouri. Flocks are always outside with preferences for lambing outside except in wet and cold conditions. Sheep lamb three times a year.

Wednesdays at Whetstone are open for visitations by appointment only. Contact them to learn about their competitive prices. The farm prides itself on accurate record keeping and daily observations.

Whetstone avoids stressful handling techniques or the use of barbed wires to raise their sheep. Quiet weaning practices of limiting sheep to a single lamp crop annually, reduce the risk of mastitis. Ewes are also retired early and stock is continually replenished to keep standards high.

Whetstone Prairie Dorper Details

2. Spring Creek

Spring Creek is a small family-owned and operated farm in the heart of Missouri. The family offers 100 percent pasture-raised and grass-fed sheep.

All their stock is raised outdoors, in their natural environment.

Josh Wisdom purchased this massive farmland in 2010. He got married to Kayla in 2014 and Spring Creek Farms began. The couple sold their first stock in 2017 and became an official business in 2019. 

This family raises Katahdin Hair Sheep – a hardy sheep breed bred for the production of meat and milk. When raised on 100 percent grass, this type of sheep produces good mild flavored meat. One of the qualities they breed for is parasite resistance.

Spring Creek rotates their flock on a pasture-based system, which is highly beneficial to both animals and land. They also raise other livestock, including 

  1. Non-GMO free-range chickens 
  2. Non-GMO pasture-raised pork
  3. 100 percent grass-fed and finished beef

With a landscape of over 200 acres, Spring Creek has enough room to accommodate and raise as many livestock as they want. They have over 2,000 animals on the farm, which means you can depend on them for quality sheep all year round.

Spring Creek Farm Details

3. Greek Farms

Greek Farms specialize in raising Katahdin sheep.

Located in Rolla, Missouri, people travel from all over the state to visit due to the quality of sheep they produce.

With almost two decades of experience, Greek Farms has become a master of the sheep-breeding game. They have been raising Katahdin since 2006, and they are well informed and educated about the best practices in the field. 

Spearheaded by owner Lazarous, this family-owned sheep farm is a member of the Katahdin Hair Sheep International. They run more than 500 Registered and Commercial Katahdin Hair Sheep ewes in their flock, and they are scrapie free.

Greek Farms’ sheep have excellent parasite resistance and can adapt to all climates. They lamb outdoors on pasture and are 100 percent grass-fed and pasture-raised.

Greek Farms Details

  1. Missouri Dorpers 

Missouri Dorpers is located in Albany, MO, and they specialize in raising Dorper and White Dorper sheep.

This family-owned and operated farm also breeds and raises other livestock, including red Angus cattle, Border Collies, and guardian dogs. What started as an FFA project with only eight commercial ewes has grown into a family business with more than 30 commercial ewes and 120 registered ones. 

The family is fully involved in the farm, and their kids love working with the sheep. Prior to increasing their flock, they conducted extensive research to know which sheep breed is best. After their research, they decided to raise Dorper sheep for the following attributes:

  • “Out of season” or all-year-around breeding
  • No shearing 
  • Parasite resistance 
  • Lambing every eight months
  • Early weaning, 12 weeks. 
  • Faster growth rate
  • They eat week as readily as grass.

They rotate their Dorper sires and dams to ensure they are well-rested before breeding again.

This farm takes a hands-on approach with their flock, keeping their animals disease-free and completing daily evaluations. All sheep are wormed, vaccinated, and pasture-raised on the open range.

Missouri Dorpers Details

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