5 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Texas

Texas is the leading producer of sheep in the United States. According to the Texas State Historical Association website, the state had an estimated 1,200,000 sheep in 2000.

There are over ten breeds to choose from in Texas; the most common are Dorper, White Dorper, Rambouillet, Delaine- Merino, Columbia, Corriedale, Suffolk, Hampshire, Southdown, Dorset, and Royal White. The main reasons for breeding are hair, meat, fine and long wool.

If you want to buy sheep in Texas, the best place to buy are from local trusted breeders. Look out for clean farms that ensure the top condition of the flock.

We’ve focused on 5 of the best places you can buy sheep in the state below!

5 Best Places with Sheep for Sale in Texas

Farm NameLocationPhoneWebsite/Email
Leaning Cedar RanchBrenham, TX979-337-3103leaningcedarranch.com
Harmony FarmsSulphur Springs, TX816-294-6456HarmonyFarmsDorpers.com
S Bar T LivestockGoldthwaite, TX325.948.3840darla@SbarTlivestock.com
Rumenboard FarmBurleson, TX817-484-6734rumenboardfarm.com
Bar H Herndon RanchUvalde, TX830-591-3726sherrycomm@hotmail.com

1. Leaning Cedar Ranch

Cedar Ranch is a veteran-owned and operated farm in Brenham, Texas, that sells Dorper Sheep.

After retiring from the U.S. Marine Corps, Leaning Cedar’s owners moved to Texas in 2015, registering purebred Dorper sheep to co-graze with their cattle.

The ranch prides itself on good management practices such as daily observations and accurate record keeping.

The ranch owners do not subject the sheep to stressful handling techniques, nor use barbed wires.

The chances of the ewes here developing mastitis are slim due to the practice of quiet weaning and restricting sheep to a single lamb crop per year.

Currently, Leaning Cedar has suspended sheep-raising until March 2022 to retire its older ewes and replenish its stock.

Keep them on your radar for the future!

Farm Details:

  • Sheep for Sale: Full blood Dorper Ram
  • Website: leaningcedarranch.com
  • Contact: +1 979-337-3103
  • Email: info@leaningcedarranch.com
  • Address: 1350 Copelin Springs Rd Brenham, TX 77833
  • Price: Request prices here

2. Harmony Farms Dorper Sheep

Inspired by her grandfather’s love for lambs, Grace, the shepherdess at Harmony Farms, is passionate about her sheep.

She documents her journey as a farmer and offers advice through the Harmony Farms blog. 

Harmony Farms rotates their flock on a pasture-based system, which is beneficial for both land and animals.

They specialize in producing quality, full-blood Dorper sheep and pasture-raised lambs.

Farm Details:

  • Sheep for Sale: Dorper
  • Website: harmonyfarms.blog
  • Contact: 816-294-6456
  • Email: shepherdess@harmonyfarms.blog
  • Address: PO Box 70, Sulphur Bluff, TX 75481
  • Price: $225-$525

3. S Bar T Livestock

S Bar T Livestock, a family-owned farm, has raised and sold white Dorper sheep in north Texas for the past 11 years.

Located about 17 miles from Event and a few hours’ drive from Houston and Dallas, the farm is home to award-winning stock.

The farm has garnered many accolades, such as National Reserve Champion White Dorper Ewe at the ADSBS National Show and 1st Place Flock, Premier Exhibitor, and the Herdsman Award at the ADSBS National Show.

Farm Details:

  • Sheep for Sale: Check here 
  • Website: sbartlivestock.com
  • Contact: 325-948-3840
  • Email: darla@SbarTlivestock.com
  • Address: 1103 CR 2715 Goldthwaite, TX 76844
  • Price: Call for available stock & prices

4. Rumenboard Farm

Jay Sellers was against the idea of keeping sheep initially because the thought of full-grown sheep munching on his expansive lawn was not appealing. His wife convinced him to get a smaller-sized breed, and that is how Rumenboard Farm was born. 

Located on the outskirts of South Burleson, the farm rears and sells Babydoll Southdown sheep exclusively.

Incredibly easy to maintain, this breed is great for individuals new to keeping sheep.

Rumenboard has a hands-on approach with their flock, completing daily evaluations and keeping their animals disease free.

Farm Details:

  • Sheep for Sale: Check here for available stock
  • Website: rumenboardfarm.com
  • Contact: 972-955-2961
  • Email: rumenboardfarm@gmail.com
  • Address: 11201 Oak Grove Road, South Burleson, TX, 76028
  • Price: Call for available stock & prices

5. Bar H Herndon Ranch

A safari-style ranch in Texas Hill Country, Bar H Herndon specializes in exotic trophy herds.

Their flock is vaccinated, wormed, and pasture-raised on the open range.

They specialize in Texas Dall Rams and Hawaiian Black Sheep of different weights, colors, ruff, and mane.

Check out their website for more info.

Farm Details:

  • Sheep for Sale: Check here for available stock
  • Website: exotictrophysheep.com
  • Contact: 830-591-3726
  • Email: sherrycomm@hotmail.com
  • Address: 20827 Ranch Road 334, Uvalde, TX 78801-9513
  • Price: Call or email for available stock & prices

Additional Information On Buying Sheep In Texas

  • If you’re having trouble finding sheep for sale with any of these farms or ranches? Perhaps expand your search. Check in Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma.
  • Breeding sheep in Texas and looking to make a sale? Contact us here.

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