3 Best Solar Farms in Georgia [2022]

Like other states, Georgia is embracing more renewable energy sources. Many companies are now working to reduce fossil fuel consumption and minimize their carbon footprint. Today, there are many large solar farms generating solar energy to provide commercial electricity in the state. If you are looking for the best solar farms in Georgia, we have compiled a list of the most reliable companies to help streamline your decision-making process. 

We scrutinized the top companies in the state and matched them against several criteria like price, experience, reputation, customer service, warranty, and years in business and service areas. Below are the three top solar farms in Georgia.

The Best Solar Farms in Georgia

 1. Silicon Ranch

The renewable energy sector is growing tremendously, and Silicon Ranch is one of the pioneers of that growth. Silicon Ranch is a solar developer that brings renewable energy across various communities in Georgia and the United States at large. They provide a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Clean energy
  • Low-cost energy
  • Economic growth and development

Silicon Ranch emerged in the United States solar industry in 2011. When they started in Tennessee, their major rivals were companies from the American West, Southwest, and Europe. However, their unique business model has helped them beat most of their rivals and become one of the most recognized companies in the solar industry. 

This company believes communities deserve cost-effective, reliable choices for their power source. All their solar energy projects across the country are developed responsibly, creating long-term, enduring value. Another reason this company has grown significantly over the years is that it listens, learns, and responds to its customers. They rely heavily on customer feedback, as it helps them serve their customers better. 

The customer service of Silicon Ranch is top-notch. Interestingly, they develop and own all their farm projects. They have a diverse portfolio with over 140 solar farms in 14 states. The first large-scale projects of Silicon Ranch have been hosted in Georgia and other states like Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Their reputation and excellent service have landed them great deals and partnerships over the years. The United States Military, TVA, and America’s electric cooperatives are some of their top partners. However, their primary focus is those in rural areas who deserve clean, low-cost energy.  

Silicon Ranch Details

2. Simon Solar

Simon Solar is one of the largest solar farms in Georgia. If you are looking for the best way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet, Simon Solar is here to help. This company renders its services to organizations, residential & commercial buildings, schools, churches, businesses, etc. Regardless of what you are doing or what you need the renewable energy for, they’ve got you covered.

They emerged at almost the same time as Silicon Ranch, in 2011. Their journey into the solar industry has been a challenging yet successful one. Simon Solar started in Brentwood, Tennessee, but it has expanded its reach to other states in the US, including Georgia. Their iconic first project is a 30MW utility-scale solar array powering over 8,000 houses in Social Circle, Georgia.

The company built the largest solar array east of the Mississippi after signing the GA Power Purchase Agreement. It is one of their most significant projects, and it currently powers Georgia with more than 1,500 MW of solar power. In addition, they offer one of the most affordable services in the state. Simon Solar made it to our list because of its excellent service and affordability. In addition to saving the planet, this company makes electricity easily accessible. 

Other services they render include:

  • Rooftop solar commercial consulting 
  • Field commercial consulting 
  • Solar lease consulting 
  • Solar array consulting and installation 

If you have a rooftop or land you want to use for a solar energy array, they are the right people to contact for the job. You can always rely on their quality services and quick response.

Simon Solar Details

  • Website: simonsolar.com 
  • Location: Georgia
  • Phone: N/A
  • Email: Online Form

3. Hannah Solar 

Hannah Solar recognizes the needs of businesses and created a solar solution to help them yield the highest ROI. They have a large solar farm in Bainbridge, GA – the first of many solar farms in Southwest Georgia. The solar farm is 1MW in size, consisting of over 3,300 solar panels. The company purchased five acres from local residents, and they are further expanding the project to increase the wattage. 

The power generated from the current project is enough to power about 200 houses. In addition to producing clean energy, the CEO of Hannah Solar – Pete Marte, said that this array would save more than 70 million gallons of water. Hannah Solar’s general services include:

  • Solar solutions 
  • Battery storage 
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Operations and maintenance

They also install, service, and maintain charging stations across the state. Hannah Solar also boasts excellent customer service, and most of its customers are proud of that. The company has also completed many projects for farmers in the Bainbridge community, including Brinson Farms, Dollar Farm Products, and PGC Farms. 

Hannah Solar is not only for businesses but also for commercial and residential buildings. Their services are readily available and accessible to everyone. While their capacity is limited for now, they are working on larger projects to increase their reach and cover more houses.