3 Best Solar Farms in Texas [2022]

Texas is one of the leading states of solar power, with hundreds of solar installers and dozens of solar farms. The state is gradually becoming a regional leader in solar energy generation because of the high cost of electricity and the vast benefits of solar technology. Texas is projected to be home to over 33 percent of the utility-scale solar projects being constructed in the United States.

The state boasts many solar farms with various capacities and service areas. In this guide, we will review and list the most affordable and reliable solar farms in Texas, making it easy for you to choose an alternative energy source that will not leave a hole in your pocket.

Read on to see our top picks!

The Best Solar Farms in Texas

1. Local Sun Energy

Local Sun supports many communities in Texas by providing them with affordable, sustainable energy. This company produces and sells 100 percent renewable energy generated at their various solar power plants in the state. In addition to providing lower energy prices for communities across the state, Local Sun boasts impressive price stability. Since their emergence in the solar industry, they have boasted of stable rates, which is one factor that gives them a competitive edge over their rivals.

Their ultimate goal is to get you the cleanest power at the lower rates possible. While other solar farms maximize profits, Local Sun maximizes changes. All their operation costs are kept as low as possible while reinvesting their profits in new solar farms. In addition, Local Sun offers top-notch services. They are always ready to listen to and meet your needs.

This company’s projects are distributed generation in scale, meaning each project is under 10 megawatts in size and is connected directly to local utility distribution lines. Consumers greatly benefit from distributed generation because the generated power is closer to the end-users, avoiding transmission issues and minimizing risks.

Their power-delivering methods are also efficient and reliable. Once on the grid, the generated solar power joins electricity from other sources on local distribution lines connected to various houses and businesses. Utilities such as Oncor Electric Delivery Company in Dallas and CenterPoint Energy in Houston maintain the local network’s reliability, regardless of the firm that sells your power.

Local Sun is independently owned and operated by a team of professionals. Having installed its first 15,000 solar panels on 12 acres in Sealy, the company is growing to deliver clean energy to more people innovatively at affordable rates.

Local Sun Energy Details

  • Website: localsunenergy.com
  • Location: 886 FM 3013 Sealy, Texas 77474
  • Phone: 877-238-5343
  • Email: N/A

2. OCI Solar

OCI Solar is one of the largest solar farms in Texas. This company has single-handedly generated solar power for over 112,000 homes and businesses in Texas. They have been empowering communities through sustainable energy for over a decade. With many regional utilities and community projects, OCI Solar has been able to provide very affordable and clean energy for thousands over the past decade. OCI Solar Power has many projects in various locations in Texas, including:

  • San Antonio
  • Converse 
  • Brackettville 
  • Uvalde
  • McCamey
  • Haskell

This company is on a mission of providing reliable, safe, and sustainable energy to empower communities. They combine innovation and experience to develop, own and operate solar projects that offer economic benefits and renewable energy. Accountability, integrity, commitment, excellence, sustainability, communication, and innovation are the core values ingrained in all that OCI Solar does. 

Headquartered in San Antonio, this solar company owns, constructs, operates, and finances solar PV facilities across the state, specializing in distributed generation and utility solar projects. OCI Solar Power was the first firm to bring utility-scale solar projects to Texas. Three of their projects in Texas are 100 percent Buy American Act compliant, and one of the projects is the largest dual-axis solar form in the US. 

Out of the 2,600 megawatts installed and operating in the ERCOT market, 500 megawatts were designed, developed, procured, and constructed by OCI Solar Power. OCISP celebrated its 10th anniversary in San Antonio on July 6, 2022, marking 10 years of incredible and top-notch solar services. However, OCISP’s parent company, OCI Company Ltd., was founded in Seoul, South Korea, in 1959. 

In addition to providing renewable and cheap electricity, this company has been actively involved in most of the communities they serve. They have helped launch solar-based courses at St. Philip’s College and are committed to providing scholarships to students who participate in the program at the college. They also volunteered with several charities and programs and provided an allowance for an educational facility in San Antonio. The company gives back to society in several innovative ways.

OCI Solar Power Details

  • Website: ocisolarpower.com
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas 78230
  • Phone: 210-453-3100
  • Email: Online Form

 3. Webberville Solar Farm

Webberville Solar Farm is located in Manor, Texas. It is one of the most reliable solar farms in the state, and people love them for its premium quality services and affordability. The project consists of one site with a capacity of 30MW. They have 19 PV blocks on the site, each consisting of one E-house Emerson DC to AC inverter and a 34.5kV step-up transformer. 

The site has:

  • More than 125,000 PV modules
  • 19 inverters 
  • 19 inverter transformers 
  • 2,400 rows of trackers with 120 tracker driver motors
  • One Switchgear lineup

This 30MW DC photovoltaic system is situated on a 380-acre site owned by the City of Austin. The site is less than a mile away from Austin Energy’s Austrop Substation, which reduces the additional transmission setup required to deliver the power generated to the electricity grid. 

To optimize the production of electricity, this company uses solar PV panel technology mounted on horizontal-axis trackers. The trackers rotate the panels in the East-West direction, following the sun’s position in the sky. Webberville Solar Farm generates over 50,000 MWh of solar power yearly, more than enough energy to power 5,000 homes and businesses in the state. 

Webberville Solar Farm Details